Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog at 1:53am till 2:05am

It's 1:53am right now...

And yes, I havent been blogging for such a superrrr loooOOoooong time. Duh.. I miss to blog so much!! I have so many things to say and yes, previously I said that I will blog about what had happened to me on my last job, but ..

as I think is damn lame to write such things in almost a year that had gone right now.

Tomorrow I had to wake up.

Sorry. Correction.

Is today, later I need to wake up as to bring mum to hospital again for her checkup. Did I ever mention I hate going to hospital? Not because is dirty or the rude nurses or docs. But, is - I had hard time finding parking. Just last Monday I went there and I had been having 5 big turns in every of the parks just to look for - double parking. And I couldnt find any of it. I even came through a very hard time where those car were parked so close that I almost - kiss their head and ass.

And, not even double park you thought is worst. You cant even imagine that some of the fella parked triple park. FAINT wei~

I don't understand how come the hospital doesnt provide an open land that is for visitors to park. Previously there's one. But I dont know why they closed it. Ishk!

Anyhow...forget about today, as I will pray hard that I will have a parking (hopefully also a double parking space for me).

Actually, I wasnt talking about this :D I wanted to blog out how my life have been.

Hmph..maybe I just continue someday, perhaps?