Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things From Aussie

First of all, thanks to my sister. Love her lotx. Cause where ever she goes, she will think of buying me things such as clothes and accessories. So, here's the things she bought for me again. Love receiving her parcel actually.

Love this bag!! and yeah! I love BIG bags!!!

Eco-Green for my shower time. Don't have idea that she will be getting this sponge for me. But good thing also. Cause mine one almost gonna tore soon...

Like this too! Fake eyelashes!!!

Wondering, is she complaining about my hair??? lolx

Love this alot! From Palmer's Cocoa Butter

and other products...

ageless skin?? *blink blink*

thumbs up for this remover!!!

and this! First time I'm so gonna own this myself! 5 colors of mascara and comes with shimmer shine shine. Whoah~

and each color represent themselves too

Toy of lil Tas. Devil. Damn cute sialz. But...sis, got wombat?? Though last time you bought one ady. But wombat still the cutest thing ^^ lolx

For my car!!! hahahahaha. Maybe I will change my wombat (broken ady T_T) to Tas TIGER! Wahahahahahah!!!!

Tote bag for make-up thingy by Rimmel

Make-up things...

Nail polish from Loreal and Rimmel

Some other accessoriess....


Tee!! I love the BABY MILO!! Is this ori or the fake milo??? But still..I want to wear it!!

Thanks SIS! Love you Lotx!
Super Duper LOTX!!!!!