Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sista Back Aussie

This month is the month that I've been going KLIA for so many times. Been sitting KLIA Transit and KLIA Express. So, Every train in KL I've sat. Is such a good feel though. Hmmph.

As I said earlier, been super busy with my jobs, jobs and upcoming more and more JOBS. UNTIL I have no time for V.A.L.E.N.T.I.N.E! What a sad sad sad SUPER sad day. Well, what to do? Advertising line is always like that. You sometimes have to give up some of your private life just to be with clients. So, dont ask me "How you celebrate your Valentine?" Wost still is, my boss call me that nite. He 1st say about jobs which we are still rushing for it. Then only he started his conversation as:-

Boss: Today is Big Day oh.. You no go out pak toh / celebrate ar?
xter: How to celebrate? Got lots of work here. Of coz do work is more important ar.
Boss: Oh.. then ar, you can tell your boyfriend dar bao and you two can eat together in the office.
xter: Har? No need gua...
Boss: If you wan, you can do ok.
xter: Errr..ok..

But, main thing was - June oredi drive thru MC'D oredi lor. Celebrate what la. Celebrate with cows got la. Adui...But before Valentine, I told June I will be leaving office at 6pm cause I need to bring my sista to the Cheras Pasar Malam. It's the last week of the day for her. So, I want her to see the longest pasar malam in KL. Let her shop shop shop happily.

Fatty drove Baby Neo instead, since his parents is using the car for paktoh :P Hehe. I even bought a pouch. Very Happy. Luckily I did bought that pouch, cause when I went home that same night, my old pouch, near the zip was totally broken - unusable. So sad man. So, I took all out of the keychain and dangle at the new one. So Happie.

Well, passed midnite that moment. I wish Fatty "Happy Valentines" and gip him a smile. Suddenly he looks so sad and down. I asked, What Happen? He said, this time valentine is the MOST down thing for him cause he have nothing to gip me. He say he never celebrate such way till like this de. I say, I nevermind. Gifts doesnt probve anything. But if he's faithfull and be true to me, is already more than enough. Infact, Is already more than a GIFT! So gurls up there, dont because of GIFT you all go sweet. What else if your guy just having fun and play you and just buy GIFT to sweeten your heart, but he's not faithfull right? I dont even dare to confirm myself that this guy I'm dating will be my forever life. I've hurt deeply once, So I dare not hurt 2nd time. Well, lets see how this relationship goes then...

Since I see him so moody, I went to Times Sq on Saturday after my work and while waiting for my mum and sista to arrive (while, my sista have facial in KLCC - How come my sista so high class de? haha). I walk in many shops till I came in Samuel & Kevin shop. I remember his bro like this shop alot. I oso like this shop, cause sometimes their design is different from others. Not because of S.H.E ok. I aint S.H.E fan! Gosh no! And I bought him one tee from there. Besides, my sista passed me one nike tee which she bought from aussie. She told me whether Fatty can wear or not. Though is abit big, but I guess he will like it very much. So on behalf from Fatty, I would like to say
Sista, Thank You very much!!!
Besides, thanking on the Nike tee which IMPORT from aussie, I would like to say Thank You once more to my beloved sista cause she bought me a digital camera which she promised before she came down to Malaysia. But 1st thing 1st, I must be nice to my brother-in-law and to my sista as well. Well, of cause I try my very best to give them the most BEST stuff. Slotting in my time - and that time, few weeks, I've been HATING MY DESIGN JOBS! WTF! Cause I've been opening OT and OT and nothing bout OT only. So Darn and frustrating. And I got no time with my sista also. So everytime in weekends, I will push all my time just to be with my sista. Unless, when my sista go out with her frenz, den I will slot in my time to be with Fatty.

So in CNY, My sista gave me BIG angpow. From the angpow, I convert some of it to buy the digital camera and I save up some of the aussie money and dig some from my pocket for the few hundreds. I dont wanna convert all the aussie money, Incase next time I urgently need the money, so Aussie money can still save me. Aint I brilliant? Hmm.. I oso think that I'm way too clever liao.

At the begining, I hunt for Sony and Olympus. Been hunting the price all the way thru. But when we enter the Sungei Wang shop, the guy told me no need to buy so expensive camera. Normal one will do. No need watse money. So, he intro me the Canon IXUS 75. Which got 3" LCD lens and 7.1 megapixel. He oso say that Canon is good cause it came from Japan, though the fashion of the design look abit old. I love sony cause there is many colours only. Got PINK! Hmm.. gurlish.. but I like. But, I didnt buy Canon from the same shop. I bought from IMBI cause this leng chai gave me 2MB, one tripod, one casing but without the screen protection. But so far, it's ok for me lor. And I've been using it very very happily. Thanks alot sista! Luv u Lotsa!

Starting to take many pictures. Very fong bin... No need to wash film anymore using my canon zooming type. Oh ya..Talking bout zooming camera, I took pictures of my bro-in-law and my sista together. N my sista helped me to take pictures of me and Fatty also. Just a few pictures onli. So, when I got to see the washed up pictures, though is blur, but... OMG! When I see it, Fatty and Me... SHIT! We are like Black and White!!!!!! omggggg..... Cause Originally, Fatty is in dark side. So H.I.T.A.M., Short, Old, Fat. wahhahahaha. I like to make fun of him. Make fun of him will oso make me love him more.

Oh ya.. But in Valentine, however, He oso die and die to buy me chocs. Haizzz.. he no money somemore want to at least buy me gifts. Make me heartbreak even more. And the choc still in my room - unopen. Maybe after I take pictures, den only will go and enjoy myself to eat eat eat.

Yesterday I took a day off. Is my sista last day in Malaysia. And I wanna spend the last day together with her. Helped her to pack up her bags and so on. Intro her to buy souveniers for her colleagues and we have a nice teatime at the Secret Recipe. It's abit "mm sai dak" coz been a long long time we havent spend much time together. Just like when I was young, she flew to Aussie. I cried until my eyes swollen. So miss her. Each time airplane passed by, I will think about her. But... since so long we didnt get together, I've been adapting mylife ever since. Been staying stronger and tougher just to be protective. That's why my life leads under half gurl and half guy hormon. It's great!

Another thing. This guy... Hmph. I went for my repair service at proton de. And this guy - Cage Ong, sms me Before CNY, on CNY and even TODAY. On CNY was I bring my sista go to Pasar Malam de. Then I saw his sms and I told Fatty. Fatty abit dont like liao. Cause seems like Cage is using my confidential to speak and be friend with me. I'm his customer lea. Fatty say I can sue him and he will get fired de. Inmagine when you write down all you particulars when you apply and buying a seat at the MAS Airlines and the guy got your contact number and keep on contacting or sending you sms. It's against the rules. Cause this is big companys not those chap plang type. Fatty told me that there will be third round that confirm Cage will sms me de.

Yup! He guess correctly. He did msg me today

Cage: Hi..hi pretty!! Ur door handle is ready. Ven u send in ur car? Busy working ah?
xter: Ooo..Thank You Thank You..I come in 2molo morning can ar?
Cage: 2morrow meh! I wan c u Q Q face mag! so long i din c u...juz jd, c u 2morrow.
xter: Me no cute cute liao. Old old got la. Wahaha..Coz 2day i work. 2molo u all buka 8.30am so i got time rush bek ofis ya.
Cage: U sleep vry late everydays mah. Lady not enough sleeping esy bcome old lady!! v start 8am
xter: Ya hor..Always ot til 2-4am. Hopefully today no ot ..Ok, I cum by 8am ya.
Cage: 2day ot or not? wat job u do so many hours it ha??
xter: 2day no OT loo. Can go home sharp sharp . I'm g.designer. Haha.
Cage: Advertising? I guess
xter: Wah..So Clever...Yup
Cage: Ya lah! Advertising job always need 2 ot. Before this im also on this line.
xter: Ya.cox ned meet deadlines n must face "mafan" clients. Den how cum u dunwan continue de?
Cage: Cause I build up own business wit my partner than customer runaway wit money then..aii..
xter: Wah... Then u mai vy vy xxxktup liao lor. Shit tis type of client de. But how cum customer runaway wif $ dE? Not partner de mea? Unless client no pay den v rugi.
Cage: I do event n printing. So u know lah
xter: No wonder la. Supposed ned 2 take 30% ir 50% 1st de as deposit or confirmation. So ltr u onli work in proton lor?
Cage: I'm study automotive engineering after do 3 years technician! Cant making money than jump 2 b a salesman lah. than setup comp v hav customer.

Then.. hmm.. later only i reply cause I busy writting blog. But now.. I no time continue blog liao.. Fatty coming to fetch me go out eat mum mum...

- well, carefull of EON.. esp. my area.. One thing lead to another. When I took Baby Neo back to the EON, this guy kept asking me questions such as "ur fingernails so long, can type the keyboard mea?" "always ot ar?"...then only I know he's Cage Ong. Cause in my mind, I kept thinking that Cage Ong is another guy. Never knew is this leng chai. Aduii...and before I wanna leave the workshop, he said to me "we will meet again de". I say "how come?". He said "after 2 weeks, you will come bek". I was so blur... and said "why? you put something wrong in my car ar??" He laughed and said "you need service your car". Only I know that - previously last 2 weeks, my car run till 4k. Then now is 5.1k. So, if add on more 2 weeks, it will be 6k liao. Huh...Si Pin Tai Low!!!!!!!

Updated is the pictures:-

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Lou sang

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Yea!! Happy Family having the lou sang

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our dishes.. got lala... yum yummmiee...

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Bringing my sista to the best area...fresh fruit juice together.
::mine is orange mix wif strawberry...slurppp::

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G DAM DAU!!! That's meeee...

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Having coffee..hmmm...

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Opening Lion Dance at Sasa In Cineleisure
(can you notice the veggie and the angpow between??)

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Lion Dancing...

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Greedy lions... Looking at the Golden Oranges.. ahhhh...

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Pictures together with Fat^Fat - ugh.. he looks so squeezed innn

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Sista having her "not nice deco" coffee at Secret Recipe. She said the thing is so ugly. Australia top up design is much more nicer...and I said "Coffee Prince - Korean Show" much more nicer..Yummiee...

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Sista hugging mummy for the last

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Sista back to Australia T_T