Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Better February

Hoping to have a wonderful this coming Feb.

Been suffocate on my financial last month and this month too. (Can be said ..end of the year of 2009 and the beginning of the year 2010 is very - sia sui)

I thought I would have a better January ahead since last December I was broke. But in the end, on Dec I won RM400 back home. (I know I've been repeating this over and over in times...but I do happy for that.)

January came. My financial was okay back. My friend called and said he's needed my help. He needed 1k actually, but I couldn't offer so much. So I gave him RM500 at least. (I know how suffer if someone dont have money...cause I've just ran thru it). And then, I went to my friend's house warming...and because is all my fault that I parked at someone's parking space and got my 4 tyres goes flat...I paid up RM732 to have four new tyres back. And..

Well, I just summaries it.

Helping Friend : RM500
New Tyres : RM732
Insurance : RM150 (I hope to cancel it!)
Baby Neo : RM489 (Fucking shit, I still got 6 years to go!)
For Parents : RM600 (mommy and daddy each RM300)
Streamyx : RM60

Total: RM2,531

And, take a wild guess..how much I have for my salary every month? And yea! That's why I FUCKING SUCKS this month!!!


Round figure - 2.5k ahhhhh.....or I can say my RM700 arrrr....just BLOW BY WIND! Gone like that...in a blink! FUCK ME MAN, FUCK ME!

I have nothing left in my bank account. And also, I have to pay up my car insurance for end of March. Please ask someone to kill me, or I better kill myself~


*sob sob*

---- Last saturday, my aunt came down from Perak. She stayed for 2days 1nite at my family house. On monday morning, when I was dipping my biscuit into my cup of coffee (this was always prepared by my mum), my aunt came to me and gave me RM200. I told her I dont want. But she insists me to take it.

I grow up.

I dont take money from elderly people (except for special occasion or season) as I always told myself that I can earn my own money by myself and not to rely on others. Not even my parents, my sister or my bf. (Oh yah, I never ask my parents to lend me money ever since I started working - almost 5 years! Don't believe me? Well...I dare you to ask my mum then).

But my aunt kept asking me to take it. Eventually I took. Somehow, she's my savior! At least, now I've got RM200 in my pocket. Can't stop myself from smiling to see this money.

And I promise myself that - I will use this money in a very wise way! Not to spend on clothes or accessories or heels!

Bless me...bless me...please bless me until I got my January cheque and hopefully I got my blissful February ahead me

*cross finger - pray hard nia~