Monday, December 24, 2007

Dinner with my 2 Aunties + Bocor Rahsia!!

Last saturday, after work went to fetch devi and we watch Enchanted at 2.15pm. I saw da newspaper is at 1.45pm, dat's why i rush my time. But it's not. But gd also la. We can have our lunch also. We talked alot of things, den suddenly talked about mine. Devi ask me "why not look for a better guy - an educated wan." I told Devi, I also hope to look for an educated one, but my fate is - dun have. Everytime I date those boys - all also uneducated one. But I dont mind, xcept he treat and care for me, I more than enough. N also, He must know english also. This is A MUST! But poor dou. He totally dunno english. But he try learning it also from watching movies and dvds.

Enchanted not bad lea. I like the girl and she sang. Very sweet. She herself very pretty and sweet also. Those impression at her face. wow. Not bad Not bad, worth to watch it.

Wah! Now I counted. This month I watched:-

• The Breakheart Kid
• The Golden Compass
• Enchanted
• National Tressure 2

xcept one. I Am Legend. Who wanna watch?

Then when fetch devi home, I go to Hong Leong bank and hopefully can bank in the money for Dou. Cause is me who help him save and now I dont wanna help him save liao. But unfortunately the machine is Out Of Service, So I head back home and went to bed to get some rest.

Around 6pm something, I woke up, bath and get dress. Luckily I use another bathroom else I will be very late. Then I haven't comb my wet hair yet, they all infront of the gate liao. I went back to my room, to get ready to go out.

Aunty lingku say I'm very pretty. She kept saying I'm pretty. I smile all the way to the restorant. So hapiiii... hehe...

Supposed I plan to eat one chinese restorant de, but "zhap lap" joh. Means Bankrupt or something happen liao. So, we went to eat Tak Fok. Da crab restorant.

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Order two crabs - each crab is 1kg

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Left: - Aunty Lingku, Edmund, Cacphy, Yee Sum, Mummy

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Left: Xiao Yen (izzit? - My cousin's girl girl. She's pretty huh? Goin to married soon ... wee), Kee Seong, Darren

When the dishes finished, I wasn't quite full. Instead I still need to eat something!!!!! I treat them for dinner. Cause they have been a long way to come here. At 1st no waiter nearby so Ah Seong ask Peng Peng to pay or something. I rush down and told Peng to go bek in and say "oredi say liao ma. Is my treat de". I neva treat them before, so this is my 1st time I treat my 2aunties and cousins. Then took pictures of them...

Since the dinner not fulling, I suggest we go to the food court and eat ABC, Ais Kacang. Cause in the begining, I heard Aunty Lingku say that she wanna eat Hawker food and those ABC. That's why we head to have ABC ya. At the beginning, I share with my mum. Darren eat alone, same as Edmund. And Peng Peng eat with his mother. But because mum was opposite from me, and I hard to reach the ABC, I share with Darren instead. Yum yum!!! I share ABC with my cutie Darren. But Darren was too playful. When I scoop up the ice kacang, he took his spoon and scoop my ice kacang down. Meaning He dun wan let me eat. I dont care, I scoop back and faster eat it. whaahhahahahaha.... Then when finish, Darren hands wipe at my shirt. ARRRR..rr... I told him that I'm still wearing this tee later, cuz I will be going out to catch midnite show. My this cousin so naughty, yet so leng chai.

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Left: Aunty lingku, Darren and Xter

See.. we share share eat ABC. I share with Darren.. So Happy :)

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My Handsome Fabulous Cousin!!!! - So Leng Chai!!!!

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My three boyfren - Damn leng chai!!!

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Here - family elder pictures..

Aunty lingku got say dat Darren got something to tell me

xter: Yea? What is it?
Aunty Lingku: Go on, tell her.
xter: (wondering what he's going to tell me), come on, tell me.
Darren: Nah.. nothing.
xter: Come on, dont be shy. Just tell me.
Aunty Lingku: You just say the 1st sentence. Dont say the 2nd one. Peng Peng can guess what is it already.
xter: (turn my head and look at peng peng) what did he want to tell me?
Peng Peng: You hear.

keep laughing

xter: tell me. what you wanna say?
Darren: lei hou leng lui. (meaning, you are pretty)
xter: (my heart melts) wow. that's so sweet of u....
Darren: (he continue back his sentence) yat man gei thor lui? (meaning, one night how much?)
xter: what?? (in my head, I tot of Chow Kit Belakang.)

Everyone laugh...

What?? what how much... I'm not those Chow Kit belakang arrr.... I ask him where he learn it. He say from someone else. Then his mum told me that he learn it yesterday nite. Been learning it very hard. He told his mum that I'm pretty. I dont know. Cause his mum told me that.

Btw, Darren is not good in Cantonese, but Edmund is very good in cantonese. I mean in hearing la. For Darren, when we talk in cantonese, he dont understand what we're talking. Poor thing. For Edmund, hah! He's brave. Cause he was born up in malaysia (if not mistaken) and he study his kindagarden at Aussie. So when those kindagarden kids talk in english, Edmund scold them in cantonese. Wow! I like it!!!!!!!!

After the ABC dessert, we all went back to our house. Continue to chit chat and take some photos. I kept going in and out, though like I'm busy. But I was taking my jacket from my car since later I'm going to catch midnite show. Aunty Lingku ask me izzit I'm going out later. I say "yea". Then they tot I'm going out with my boyfren. But, NO. I dont have boyfren at the moment. Infact I told them he is my friend. Just pure guy fren. But Aunty Lingku insists that I bring him in and intro to them. He's just my fren only. Nothing else. Then Peng Peng and Aunties kept telling me to invite him in and then I can intro my fren that I have 3 BOYFRENS. Good introduction huh?

10.30pm came. Lam arrive liao, infront of my house. Before they leave, we have pictures together. Darren sat next to me - so close. So happy. Happy cause whole family pictures. Yummy!!

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Got in Lam's car. Tooe xcited and told him everything that bout me and Darren. Soo happy. Eating Ice Kacang together, den sat next to him. OMG. Why am I talking bout Darren name so much. Edmund not bad. He treat me super nice. Neva bullie me. Infact, he help me to attack Darren also. whahahaha...

Since movie start at 12.30am, we sat at MC and Lam order his food. I was full. So I just see him eat his pie, burger, fries, drinks :'( Kesian xter. But he talk alot that night. Talk bout his frenz and his past to me. While he talking, I very hard to play my sms. Cause I need to pay attention on what he said.

Bout 12.11am, we went to 1utama. He said his fren bought him the ticket that cost RM26. WHAT??? I say "you sure? liar". He also say why suddenly so expensive. Then he hand me the ticket. Yea, each ticket is RM13. I was so surprise. Then I look properly and it's a TWIN SEAT. Well, I neva seat TWIN SEAT before in either GSC or TGV - Except for TGV Prima Jusco here. But why need extra RM3 ner. So damn expensive. TGV Prima Jusco only is add only RM1. VERY EXPENSIVE AR! And somemore I 1st time sit also. Nice seating actually. - But in my heart, I suspect something wrong. Maybe Lam told his fren to buy the couple seating de. Where got fren sendiri buy couple seating for their fren wan. Somemore I'm not his partner also. Dont you think is weird? So they might have did some planning liao. Or... am I thinking too much?? Darn~

Well, I watch National Tressure. Wow! Noon I watch Enchanted, den Midnite I watch National Tressure. I long time no watch 2 movies in a day liao. Like 3years back. Nway, I quite enjoy watching it - since got Nicholas Cage lea!!! After the movie, we head home...

Then Lam call me. Say he arrive home liao. N since I've been forcing him to sleep, he still quite awake. Saying wan to talk abit. Ok lor.. we continue talking..talking bout gurls at pahang. That he should go back pahang this coming New Year. Cuz then, he can have more gurl-fren in pahang.So if ngam, slowly from friendship develop into relationship ya. But he dunwan. He say Pahang very far woh. Then I shoot him, "Last timme u lagi far la. From KL to Johor somemore". He say "That time still young ma, dunno ma". See..banyak alasan. Worst still is he say - he like the damansara girl. By 5-10minutes can reach liao. OMG! I know he talking bout me. I kept changing the subject, telling him to make fren with Wanga Permai gurls or Aman Puri gurls. Still chatting..almost half hour... OMG!!! I told him go back to sleep ner. Then I sms him:-

xter: Thx 4 da show again n dun dream bout me ok. Dream bout pahang gurls better. Nitez.
Lam: sot sot u ar..pahang dun wan noe again...sleep..miss ya nitez
xter: Apa u cakap? U blur blur liao. Faster go 2 z ne.
Lam: Ntg la..just now i dun think...and u just brek i dun wan do and think many more...but i noe i mayb not a gd guy...but i can try my best...hope can care u be gd and the best...nitez ^@^
xter: Sei 4! U stil like me ar? Y har.
Lam: Dun noe..but hv a feelling lo...
xter: U tel ah mei dat u treat me as bestfren de? U tipu.
Lam: Then? u wan i how 2 tell her? say i still like u...still hv a feel ar? malu la...kak...and tat time ahjun oso got there..then wat can i say?
xter: Hmph...i dunno y u like me, i dunwan hv relationship wif u cuz ltr wen break up, i wil lose u as my fren.
Lam: Dun think 2 much la..i oso dun think...just now i think is my jod..u and me just c luck lo...

(no more reply to him..and continue to sleep)

Lam: Cham la..y u ask this question? now i realy cant sleep la...
xter: Fatty, b gd boy n go 2 z ok. Actually i know de, dats y i ask mei, cuz i duno how 2 ask u, but since mei tell me is misunderstand, den i mai no tink liao until juz now over da phn conversation . go 2 z ok. goin 2 b 5am ne.

(Then he call up... I faster sms him. saying)

xter: Dun cal ne. I duno how 2 talk.
Lam: Aiyo...just now i cant z joh... (Maybe he wanna write .. "just now i CAN z joh")
xter: Close eyes, dream bout National Tressure n can z joh ya.
Lam: oso can ar? who say de?
xter: Xter say wan. else count da biri biri.tis is book say wan. 5am ne. Go 2 z ok. Dun pintai la.
Lam: Take phone..gv me 1 minit...

Ok lor, I pick up when he call. He say cant sleep and his head are totally blank. Let him think 1st den onli tell me. I go tell him go back to sleep.

It's almost 5am ner...awhile after the conversation was off, I soon felt asleep.

Woke up the next morning by Fong Yuen sms at 7am and Lam at 9.30am. Ugh.. I dunwan sleep la. So I wake up around 10.30am. Watch my Korean movie - Goong S. Got se7en. Yum yum! Then dou call me. I avoid his call. He call 2nd time. I avoid again. Meaning 2 miss call. Then he call the 3rd time!!! ARRRRRRR... WHY????? I pick up the phone. He ask me what am I doing. I say I'm watching mv. He say "ok..later i call you back" I say "no need, you can talk now". Then he say "I come find you tonite" I say "tonite I'm not free". Then he sounds sad and say "ok lor".

I know, if I didnt pick up his call, he will kept calling me! Any advise for me, so he wont call me again. If continue like that, I really dun wan care bout him liao. I giving him chance to change, and he's asking for more. So irritating.

After my lunch, went out with Ah Jun and Ah mei with her smaller child. They ate their lunch, where else I just yum cha only. Then went to one shop that sell xmas stuff. Mei bought one xmas dress - Santarina. Very nice. Then me and Jun choose our own hat. Choose one also for Nam. Haha. His one is very cute. Doink Doink de. Wahahahhahaha!!!!!

Anyway, by 6pm I reached home and Fong Yuen came and fetch me out to pasar malam and dinner at 7pm. Lam got ask me to eat dinner - ba kut teh! Yum yum!!! KAKA!! But fong yuen told me that there's nicer one at near The Store. At 1st planning is meet ah Lam at Kepong Pasar Malam de. Then, later plan change liao. I ask Fong Yuen whether is she ok to sun pin fetch ah lam. So later no need 2 cars go here and there lor. She's ok with it. So, I plan to treat them ba kut teh later. Since mafan her and somemore yesterday Lam treat me watch movie (ahem, i got pay back him, he dunwan take my money onli. so dunwan, dunwan ner). But when finish the dinner, Lam pay for it! UGH!!! KEK SEI NGOR LA! Ooo.. btw, The ba kut teh shop is Fong Yuen's bf daddy shop lai de. Not bad also. Very nice. I wallop all the soups. Fong Yuen wallop all the mushroom and yau char kuai. And as for Lam, OMG! He's stop eating liao. haizzz.. N 1st time I saw Fong Yuen's boyfren. He's so leng chai lea. Putih Putih wan. Very nice and friendly.

After dinner, we went to pasar malam. Luckily my DVD can change ner. He say this is the last time o. I say okok. Thanks alot! Hehe. Then I even show Fong Yuen that next time buy with the box de. Box one got gip resit. Somemore Box de is nicer than those plastic wan. Same price also. So I bought another korean DVD. Well, at least later when my sista is back from aussie, she can watch some korean movie also.Standby for her. See.. I'm so nice. Haha. Then, sun pin bought some CDs.

When heading home, after dropped Lam off, I ask Fong Yuen what did he say to Lam. Cuz both of them talk in mandarin. They know I dunno mandarin de. So bad :'( But I agak agak is like Christmas day, and Fong Yuen tell him to take me out. Adui.... I dunwan gip him chance lea. As I Said earlier in my sms, If I reli pak toh with him, den once we break, we will be no more frenz also. Somemore he is Ah Mei godbro as well. I dunwan ltr break, den "min zhor zhor". If going out as fren, I'm ok de.

Then Fong yuen told me that "I ask him to take you out on christmas day, but he say u dunwan and want to watch korean movie. He say he wanna take you out de. He got many places he can go one, but since u say u wanna watch Korean movie. Then I mai say lor ... when you came to xter house, sure she will go out wan. Then Lam say, if like that - it's like tipu her naik kereta jek." Alamak.. what is all this ner? I know Lam good. BUT.. I also dunno how to say. I just dont feel like pak toh yet. I got think this before. If I really pak toh with Lam, den if one day he make me sad, who can I face lea? But if Lam is my very very best fren then if one day I'm sad, I still can find him - cuz he can cheer me up ner. So.. what can I do? That's why I say I dunwan pak toh lor.

Christmas coming.. I lagi gan cheong. I also dunno gan cheong for what. But.. reli gan cheong lor. Maybe Christmas is my favourite season, so I am too happy looking forward to it.

When I reach home, I sms Lam - say I reach home liao, fucker. Haha. I'm pretty bad gurl. Yea, I admit I'm bad. Haha. Then he call me up. Then say go out with him on Xmas. I see how 1st la. Now.. what I know is - I very SLEEPY AR!!! Makan ada Makan, Tidur baru tidur 5 jam onli.