Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toby's Wedding - Congratulation

My sista might have been waiting for this title to appear in my blog. She's been wanting to see my cousin's wedding. OMG. Sorry for all the late blogging.

Anyway, well.. that day was saturday. I was working half day though, and Ah Lam admitted to hospital. Just done the operation last night. (the last night means last week friday). My time was so tight that saturday. I planned everything. Well, here's my planning.

Got to work, den visit Ah Lam for a while, den go to saloon to set my hair and go to Toby's wedding. So, That's how my plan going to work huh?

Well.. not that fluent of cuz. Gosh. While working, Mei told me to buy cig fro Ah Lam. I told her I'm going to charge her triple if i going to buy it. But while working, I've been thinking. Since Mei saw her brother liao together with Ar Jun, den I might as well no need to come right? I'm bad huh? So, I msged Lam that I wont be coming. He called me say "U promised that you will come today". Wel.. Of cuz I didnt promise him anything! It's not my fault. But can see he's quite upset. Y????????? Mei come liao ma. Adui...

So after work, I rush to fetch devi. But before that I sun pin buy dat fucker da cig. Shit them la! Then devi guide me to Selayang Hospital. B4 that, that previous night, we got pass thru da Selayang Hospital de. Fong Yuen say wan to visit Lam not, I say no need la. Now regretted. If I visit, so today I no need visit ma. Save more time. hahahaha..

Nway, I tot nobody will be visiting him dat afternun. So it means I'm going to give him a surprise! But to my .... His mum was there!!!! OMG!!!! I neva xpect his mum was there. Well, of cuz i greet his family - mummy n daddy (his daddy was there but gone somewhere ltr). Then I took out the cig for Lam. He seems like pengsan when I took out da cig. Well, I "zing ku" him. Serve him right!!! I complain to his mum dat Lam go smoke when Mei came to find him. DAI GAU LEI SEI!!!!! Then his mum told me that Lam eat alot. He can eat 6 bread which include ham, mayonise, egg, .... no wonder i call him fatty la.....

But was there just a while and went off liao. Then, rush to book da seat of devi's dinner at menajalara and rush to the saloon. I actually washed my hair early morning, cuz i wanna save time in the saloon. But, they still wash for me. I reli sked I dont have enough time. Was in the saloon 2.30-3on like dat. Devi do his treatment, where else mine is setting.

I got medium perm. Time running out. My heart beat so fast that I'm going to go crazy in few minutes times. Devi then dar bau Pau for me, cuz whole day i ate one sausage bun onli. After everything was done, I'm actually quite satisfied with my hair lea...

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Nice not?? Nice not??? Say nice ok... This is da saloon devi intro to me de. 1st thing 1st, I neva perm my hair before. So, I tot of perming now. Very xcited lea!!!!!

Reached home, den faster faster get on dress, ban leng leng den out to PJ SSxx? I forgot liao. 1st thing 1st I saw was DARREN! He grew so tall. So English man. Same as Edmund. Both of them look so handsome. Yum yum. I cant keep my eyes away from them lea - I'm telling da truth ok. They are soooo handsome! My gosh.... Darren was so handsome. I neva knew he's just 17. I tot he might be something like 21. And he sat beside me!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, our table was being seperated. So my Table was 15 and together with Peng Peng, Kee Seong, Darren, Edmund, and 1 family (which I'm not sure who is them). But their mother was the MC that night. Edmund and Darren talk so fast till i keep on saying "err... or I beg your pardon?". I totally cant catch what they say. But they are super friendly. I luv them alot. Lotsa instead!!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Entering and asking for our table number

That's me and my daddy. I got a shock cuz 1st time i will be sitting different table with my family. Hou mm guan arrrrrr..... Luckily I saw Peng Peng and Kee Seong name. Else, I pengsan alone man.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Cheesee... That's me, sitting at the table.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Out stupid and silly face... Gosh! Look at mine. I look so stupid. Cacat wan. hahahahahaha

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
We talkin about.. hmph.. I also dunno what we talking over here..

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Foong's Family with Nat's Family.

This is where we started to Yum Sing. In Thai we call Yum Sing as Chai Yong. Da Yelling was like "Chai Yong, Chai Yong Chai Yong" Where else Yum Sing is ... YummmmmmmmmmmmSinggggggggggggggggGGGGGGGGGgggggg! Aint that nice huh? We laugh alot in there.

There was like 8 dishes if not mistaken. All nice nice food. But still abit starving :P Maybe my appetite was big that moment. I saw Aunty Leng Ku when i went to the loo. We chat alot. She so sad when sis got married and didnt held big big. Hmphhhh... I also sad ner, cause I as a sista didnt have the chance to see my one and only sista got married. I dont care, next time I married, my close one HAVE TO COME no matter HOW BUSY ALSO NEED TO COME! Else parang come to them liao. Wahahhahahahaha....

After finish the wedding dinner, we left. I met my family in the entrance. But I still want to take pictures with Darren and Edmund. My far far away cousin! So, I went back inside and ask Peng Peng to take pictures of us. Was so damn Happy! Thanks alot Handsome boy peng peng! Luv u lotsa toooooo...!! (cuz he's the one who got highly digital cam)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This is Darren and Xter

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This Edmund and Xter

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
From left, Darren, Xter, Nat, Toby, Edmund

Aint they look perfect huh? Nat was so friendly i tell u. She's sweet. Keep on smiling. Toby Pick liao!!!!! My cousin PICK nice gurl huh. Both oso shy shy type de. "Tin Sang Yat Dui" I oso want like that for my wedding!!!!!!!!

Ps, I hate my front hair. Is like a gap in between. No cute cute liao. I wanna cry!!!!!!!! sob sob** I tot I make straight straight liao. Supposed I should Trim my front hair as well. Cuz it cover my eyes, aint cute liao.

After the dinner, i was still very happy. Jumping all the way, cause I got snap shop wif my cousins. Wow. Cant stop smilling lea~ Then bro call up, say yum cha. Since I'm happy, might as well I happy with bro then. He waited me to come back. Luckily my parents no ngee ngee ngam ngam me. hehe.

And guess what? Today supposed I can eat lunch with Angie de. Then suddenly she call up say her boss treat them eat lunch. Means, no more lunch with me joh. Somemore June's not feeling well, so she went back. I very unhappy ner. Cuz need to eat alone. So I told fong yuen. She ask me dar bao. But I very malas. Luckily I got my morning cake with me. While eating 2 bites, Fong Yuen sms me saying "yahh (yahh - in korean words meaning - wui or ehh or... ). come down, got something 4 u." I tot she bring me dog food, so i take my car keys. Then she gip me a pack of food. She say is Chow Kueh Tiew. OMG! I was so happy man! Cuz just now in MSN, she told me her area there da chow kueh tiew very nice de. But I neva imagine she dar bao for me to eat lea! I so "gam dong" I wan cry liao. I supposed eat and cry!!!!!! Thank thanks alot!!!! I told her I will pay bek when meet her next time. Then she msg me bek no need pay bek, it's my xmas food. So she's the 1st one to treat me xmas food and Devi was also the 1st one who game me a xmas card! So whose going to gip me my 1st Xmas pressieeee???? Sista? is dat will be u??? heheheehehehe.....


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