Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Break-UP or Don't

Will you going to give another chance for a guy who gamble at the past and now he gamble at the present? I Wont!

I know dou gamble in his past. His ex got told me before. But since he's with me, he didnt go genting - until... Last saturday night!

Maybe I'm giving him too much pressure about financial. Though he dont earn much in his living, I dont grumble also. What's more can I say? Sometimes I envy that my friend's boyfriend income is much more higher than mine. But hey, if your boyfriend is true to you, what's more you need to expect? I know how poor life goes. Sometimes I dont wish to go back to my poor life either. But loving someone, you cant COMPARE.

Last saturday, Dou supposed to bring me out since 1 week I fall deeply sick. I called him once at 10pm something. His phone was off. The next morning, Sunday, Bro came and find me to eat lunch. Kayz. We went Andy to have our lunch then.

At that moment, I told him to do me a favour - which is call Dou's mother. I totally cant reach him, and my heart is telling me something bad. Something that he went to Genting to gamble! Bro helped me, but his mother didnt pick up the phone call. Nevamind. At night, I try to call again. With helpless night and kept thinking and thinking, I eventually fall asleep -

Until the next morning, I told myself to have the urge to call his Mother. I really dont wanna bother his family. I really dont wanna involve his family things also. Maybe I'm wrong with my sense. Maybe Dou is just testing me or whatever? But I really dont feel right.

Fine! I straight away call his mum that Monday morning. I asked Aunty whether is Dou at home or at work, his mum say not sure. Then I ask his mum whether did Dou at home in Sat or Sun. To my surprise, his mom say Dou is not at home on saturday, but he only back on sunday. Added was, his mum tot he is with me. Since that phone call, my heart don't feel any better. I make another call to his Mobile Business, which lead to his Aunty who answer the number. I asked politely to find out whether is Dou working today. His aunt say no and asked me whose calling. I say it's his girlfriend, and she's good. She say once see him, she will tell him to call me back.

So while working, I've been waiting for the clock to strike 6.00pm. When Office hour gone, I straight away went to Jinjang to find out the truth myself. Well, his mum open the door for me and say that "I told dou you called, he no call you back?" I say "No". His mum even told me that Dou is inside the room. I knocked at his door - There HE IS! Looking LOST.

I sat down. 1st thing 1st, he apologize. He say he do the biggest mistakes in his life. I still keep on shut up until I question him where he was that night. He told me he was in GENTING! See! I told you. I dont even know how come I got the sense that he went to Genting!!

Another thing is that, last time his sista went to genting and loose all the money. So Dou asked me for help. Well, I pay up and the next day i got my money back. 2nd time also like that. But before I can get back my money, I fall sick and dont wish to go out, so the money Dou hold for me. Maybe because got the money, he went to genting - hoping for a luck. Maybe is because Christmas is coming and New Year coming also. So he need extra money. I DONT KNOW! SO DONT ASK ME THINGS!

My heart breaks. Totally break. I know he going to pay me up, but I DONT LIKE MY GUY WHO GAMBLE! I Totally heart break. Even told him one thing - Once you pay me up, Dont Ever come and find me Again!

Besides, I did told him why he need to gamble! Somemore use my money to gamble also. And How come he can come back? Why not gamble off his sista car somemore? Or does he need my car to gamble also???? He even gamble off his PHONE! I told him, If you think you can survive in this low salary, then CHANGE JOB! Why still stick at your uncle place??? CHANCE LA!!!

Totally lost and speechless. Drove off unhappy and I called Ah Lam. Cause I know he is the only guy who can cheer me up. I cant find anyone to talk about my matters at that moment. I dont even know who to find also. Cause I know, If I find a wrong person to talk my matters, I wont have a proper feedback. Lam good. He say once he off from work he will come and find me after 8pm.

I never call Lam before de. While waiting for his call, Arjun msg me. Then when texting with him, he straight away call me and ask me want to yum cha or not. I told him I'm waiting for Ah Lam. He got a shock also. But he came and pick me up and we went for a drink dat night. Later Ah Lam came.

I talk things out with them. Sooner or later, Ah Mei told me to find her at Menjalara Pub. Whatever, she dont want me to be alone. Whatever answers I got from them, well - there's nothing special of cause. But at least they try their best to make me happy and laugh. Gila all the way throughout the night.

So, should I give him another second chance? I dont feel like giving another chance anymore. But I do treasure this guy. Lam and Arjun say is me who can give the answers only. But of cause, better dont give another chance. Cause gamble is not the easy way to deal with. I Know that also.

Haizzzzz..... (been saying the word "shoe" in cantonese from 8pm-2am) Later, we went to Mei's pub and they have a drink there. Somemore one of the client's held his burfday there and gave our table 2 more free bottles. Good huh? Besides, Jun also went to bought SKL for me. So nice of them. Before going back, they gave me play pool. I LEARN TO PLAY POOL!!! So syiok...

Later on, I kept saying I need to go back joh. So, dismiss!!!! When Lam got home, he call me and say "probably Arjun will come back to me". I told him dont talk rubbish. Then he say he want to tell me a secret.

xter: What is it?
Lam: Aiyah..nevermind la.
xter: Say la. What is it? I very down la. Say la.
Lam: You also can guess de.
xter: (errr... is it....??) GuesS?? What stuff?
Lam: About the blue rose de lea. Who give to you de.
xter: Oh!!!! I know la. I know is you earlier joh. The other day you say I start with "E" I definitely know is you joh la. But say the truth, I really throw your flower away.
Lam: Why!!! My blue roseeeee...
xter: Serve you right. Got GF that time, still want to play. Somemore I told you joh, If I dont know whose the sender is, I throw away. Dont wanna waste time.
Lam: Actually that time I got feel for you de. But... that was last time ok.
xter: I know la. No need cheong hei de.

Matter solve bout the blue flower. But... how about today's matters??

Fine! I choose break up. Haiz...


Notty Nanny Nic said...

u seriously choose to break up?think twice edi? the money how? did he promise u when to pay bek?

xter said...

break loo.. think think liao. yup, he pay liao. But still i mm song ner. But now I'm free like a bird. weeeeee..