Monday, November 19, 2007

Cant Sleep...

Supposed wanna go pasar malam at Kepong here, but lazy to go out. Then I just stay at home whole day and watch TV. Besides, I already sleep in the afternoon joh. So when night time came, I so hard to sleep ner. Haiz.. Been turning here and there. Try to dream on something beautiful, but eventually CANT SLEEP ALSO.

Seeing the time pass from 12am to 1am then 2am then 3am. Kek sei ngor la. Then I kept thinking about celebrating Christmas at Singapore. I finally flash back that my passport expired in next year 2008, which I actually plan to have my Christmas day Next year at SINGAPORE! Urghs. To renew passport cost RM300. Very expensive ner. Then I try to count, see how much I can spend and left for me. But count and count also not enough, cause of my insurance car fees.

How? go or dont go? Lor lor luen whole night. My friend told me go Hong Kong instead. Buy things is cheap..But I told her 5K ar.. Cuz Loon spend 5k there, but include the air ticket and hotel price lor. How am I going to save 5k lea? Salary so low. No! I think people who is under the line of Graphic Design, the salary is LOW lor! How people can survive? No wonder they rather change to be A.E, cuz can get xtra of money. If I got chance, I also wanna change to A.E. But I CANNOT! Cuz I know myself de. Very easy to loose my temper, especially if I face those "mang zat" client or those stupid and old fashion china-man. I sure die wan! Die to argue my rights with them.

Money money, where can I have enough of you? Married rich guy huh? Wanna to. But rich guy aint faithful de. So, harapan FAIL!

Then this morning, when the traffic lights turn to red, of cause BREAK rite? So I stopped, and sometimes I will look behind me. Those cars coming and stop behind my back. Somemore, I've been keeping an eye for that stupid idioto kancil who BANG on my Baby Neo. Shit that fellow!!!

While looking, I saw this silver kancil from behind me. Is a SHE! I noticed that her down bumper got dented and black colour. You know what? Since I was in the Left lane. She was coming towards me via LEFT LANE also, but she shift to the right instead. The Right lane was quite long. Celaka her! Maybe is HER! Maybe not. But... I think is her lor. Else, what for suddenly change to the right lane lea.

Nevermind la. Knock back my dented area, I dont think is very expensive. Since Mei told me that it cost RM80 something. How I know? Hehe. Ah Jun car was bang on Wed morning also. From behind till the front. Mine was Bang before him. But the car who Bang at him, got stop lor. And Jun got claim her inso. But mine.. DONT HAVE LEA!!!!! Kesian me. My fren told me dont make 1st. Wait - touchwood, if I met another accident, then satu kali buat all. True also la.

Yea yea. Christmas coming. But before Christmas coming, my boy burfday come 1st. Dont know what to buy for him. Must ask fren for suggestion joh. Guys burfday Is the HARDEST THINGS for me to think of.