Friday, November 23, 2007

No Water, Can Survive?

Haizzzz... Hmpph.., very lazy to continue my previous blog. Cause need to find pictures and upload it. Very da lazy suddenly. But if upload songs, or korean drama.. HAHA!! I can do it. Especially finding soundtrack. That's my most fav part to do.

The day before, My house no water. Not to say no water type-la. Got water actually, but it's really really dirty wan. Dark chocolate! So, I dont have the chance to bath for 1 day. Feel so uneasy that time. But still got some water remaining for my eyes-contact lens, wipe body and brush my teeth. Then the next morning, when I went inside the bathroom to brush my teeth. I look at the toilet bowl, wanna to pee. But.. to my horror, MY GODNESS! It was so chocolate. Like those shitty shit. Those people who have stomach-ache de lea, those kind of things. I faster got out from the bathroom immediately and started to chock, and those vomit noise. Urgh... I tahan till I got in the office. But of cause, I spray perfume around me before I went to work :P Well, Usually I will also put up perfume de. I got 4 perfumes. Dont even know how to use it all up.

But luckily, yesterday got some nice water flowing. I manage to get a nice splashy bath in late nite. So comfy lea~

Then, I continue to watch my TV movies. Blow Out and American Next Top Model. Blow Out not bad. It's a show that Jonathan start up his 2nd saloon in L.A. The place that he setup was a high-class standard with full of branded shops such as Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, etc. He even style those hairstyles for Pussycats Dolls, Models and many more. Pricing will be around 150-500. Damn expensive, but not bad da style. Some looks normal type to me. hehe.

After the show, I continue do my freelance job. Later I'm going to post on blog. Post a few here. But each time, when I didnt finish it, I will "sam lor lor luen". Cant sleep. Will keep on thinking - how must I do it? Should I do it this way? Or that way? Those layout thingy.. But lucky, vector usually save my life from getting my head explode. hiak hiak hiak.

I'm goin lunch loo... Later will do Maxiimpact Chinese New Year Greetings. Haiz.. Why must do harrrr!!!! But good also something different and attractive instead of those normal and traditional type which you can see at those MPH or Memory Lane.

Eat loooo.. Yesterday ate Duck Rice for Lunch and Mum bought Duck Rice for my dinner at Midvalley. Make my stomach go more oily. Haha. But I luv it!!!!

Say, What should I eat today lea?? Hmphh...