Friday, November 2, 2007

Didnt Expect To Hear It

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This hairstyle nice not?? I tot wan to trim like that ner. Yea..look nice, but it need to style up de. When after wash the hair, no style, very ugly wan. Cause flat-flat.

I dunno la. I tot want to change hairstyle. But I very lazy to style. Somemore my style is not working at all. My hand not that good in styling medium long hair type. If short short like the picture above, I can la. Cuz it looks neat and fresh.

For more to see, can see at this web Matrix

I wanna trim short short hair again!!!! But very hard to leave it grow long back ner.. Haiz... See how la.

Anyway later I'm going to fetch Ah Mei. Well, she moved to her bf house liao together with her 2 gals, cuz da guy proposed to her. I told her not to rush for the ring and think about her two gals, but since she reply that the guy planned everything - even planned for the kids future, then go ahead ner. I mean since she said like that la. What more can I say right? Life is hers, so see how she going to take care of it only.

The problem is, I dunno where the hell is Taman Kepong, Happy Court. I just know the Carrefour food court. But she said is not there!!! Then? How come she go ask me fetch her somewhere I dont even know where the place is? Yea, she did direct me say her boyfren leave right left right than left. And that time I was on the main road driving. How am I going to figure out the road inside??

So, I called Arjun. At 1st I sms him. Than I tulan and called him straight away. He direct me, and I was like - where got?? got mea?? not after the roundabout or what?? Feel so sick. Later, Mei smsed me. Told me this and that road. I even try to help ask from Dexter, but he dunno oso. He know foodcourt at Carrefour as well. But before that. I asked Fong Yuen, but later on she went offline. Then she on back and direct me. From her MSN, I know what she said, cuz she said very clearly. Really Taman Kepong community. Haha. For Arjun, instead of turning left, he msg me say turn right! Turn right is either masuk the kepong pasar malam else heading to KTM.

Very the mafan! Why she ask me to come har!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont like lor. If go to fetch her at her place, den ok la. Not to some where I DONT KNOW!

Then this morning, my bro chat with me, cause my MSN i put "x°†€r ™ ++ ◕ I Want New Hair Style!!! ◕ ++ Then he told me like go-ahead. And I replied, No Money. Then he say that I rich but kedekut only. Hmmm.. I rich mea? I kedekut mea? Maybe he dont know how I survive gua. Or izzit because I buy a car liao and that means I'm rich?? And didnt use money cause I stingy? Hurt me actually. But didnt say out.

I guess no people will like to hear those words that simplified the person is stingy or whatever matters. Unless, the PEOPLE is reli reli STINGY, then of cause have to voice it liao. Maybe just now he just kidding with me gua, but I was reli taken aback.

Or should I break up all my bills and salary and left how much a month for me to spend on eating and petrol as well - let everyone know bout it? I tried so hard last month that I only used RM50 for petrol only. I really dont like when people say about me + money. Doesnt mean that I have over 2k and this is call rich! 2k aint enough for me to survive. Somemore I give alot to my parents also. Mostly, I asked my fren how much will they give to their family. Mostly they say is RM300 - Just for mother, dat's all.

And also, our house started to have security. And it need 2 1/2 months payment 1st. So I redraw RM150 and let my mum pay it. Those extra money, my mum will keep it. So, should I say that I need to spend less and save hard for extra cases??? (btw, I oso havent save up for - incase of car emergency or I have accident and even I dont have my life insurance also!!) Is saving also stingy? Just ask who ever, did I go out with them like eating or whatever, did I ever ask back money from them? I usually will say, never mind la - I treat you la. Cause is not way too expensive. Or else they will "sing mok" and ask for the receipt and pay me back.

Even when I do freelance, though the payment for one page is very low, but I take and do also. At least from there I can gain extra experience on doing design. Dont think that when I do freelance you guys will say "Wah, so good, got high salary". I dont think is high lor. All my time and energy all waste on the freelance job. Hmmm, devi and my boy will know mostly. But, I will still take and do it. Got abit income, who dont want? Yea. Actually many people dont want, cause I got asked my friend, but they say is very low. But at least I'm happy and can play in design ma!!

But good for my other bro. Me and him also same same de. Cause both of us dont like when people say about our life and money stuff. He even know that I wanna go singapore to celebrate Christmas, but due to not enough money, he plan to lend me. But I dont want. I wanna save for my own and enjoy my own money better. Hope Nicole wont come back to Malaysia so fast. Haha.

Okla, dont want to think all those sad and hurting stuff. I wanna be happy today! Cause I met bobo while June took us to Aman Puri to eat. Haha. I long time no see her, though we didnt meet face to face, but I'm happy to see her walk past. Called her straight away after i reload my phone. Planned to see Ju Jen and May May's baby.

Then, yeah! Tomolo Sue Fang find me. Will go gai gai with her and sun pin meet Angie. Yahhooo!!!! Tomolo saturday!!! So nice. Somemore can balik rumah liao..cuz it's 5pm joh.. Wahahaha.. but no HAHA cuz I'm going to fetch Ah Mei arr... "hung chung mo mo ki ar??" (only maxiimpact staff know what it means - even Justin also)