Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Car Kena Accident


I was on the way to work at Menjalara de. Then infront of me got the bus. So I make signal to cross over the other lane. I noticed that the kancil behind me was like giving me space. But, when I shift to the other lane, the kancil is like speed up and BANG! It hit my Baby Neo!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

I was in unstable, and that's why my head hit slightly at my right window. So, I make signal to the left - to inform the driver that I'm turning inside, cuz the lane is one straight lane and I cant stop nearby the road.

So, when i turned inside liao, I make signal. But to find out that the kancil didnt turn in. It speed off straight!!! I got down from my car and see the condition. WTF!!!! My car dented and so many scratches of white linesssss. FUCKER HELL!

Celaka, I sue that fellow to hit down by a huge truck and publish infront of THE STAR cover that HE/SHE is dead! I know I shouldn't curse someone like that, but HEY! It was so wrong lea. Somemore my car was like kemek in the center, cuz my left side was a Pa-je-ro and right was Kancil. And the kancil - FUCK! What the driver been thinking? Think that the car is small enough to squeeze ar? Come on la!!!

Reli reli angry was wen I u-turn and chase the car back, I didnt see any kancil in the road liao!!! Now, I have to dig my money to repair my car.

I called my mum, and she came. And she say save money 1st and repair it later. It might need few hundreds or thousand. When I hear the word THOUSAND, I wanna pengsan. Where I can dig THOUSAND woh! I dont have THOUSAND also.

I already very very try to save every month joh. Stop myself from buying things liao. Though is reli hard for a girl to do like that (as u know, gurls like to spend on shopping), but for my Baby Neo, I can do everything de. NOW?? WHO THE FUCK GOING TO HELP ME?

So please, ok. Please dont let me hear anything that I'm stingy or whatever fucking words that talk with me about MONEY! If do, will you be there to repair everything?

I reli reli reli FUCKING NO MOOD!