Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mummy Burfday

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Ignore the quality of the photo ok. I use my phone to shoot it. I supposed to use my zooming camera, but totally forgot bout it. Haizzz...

Yup, November is my mummy burfday. That day I wished her many many times until she got fedup hearing it. I even told my dad to wish her! And he go out and wish my my Happy Burfday. My mum scold him cause she don't want neighbour to hear her birthday and how old she is. Aint she funny???


That's the words I've been saying whole day. Else, Happy Birthday Aunty. Happy Birthday girl. Girl, Happy Birthday. Can you help me wash my plate??? Yea, I'm very very naughty.

I told her whether wanna go out for dinner or not? I plan to treat her and dad eat sushi, since my mum luv eating sushi alot. Esp at Sushi King cause she got the Sushi King Card. But she say she got some food, dont waste it.

But that very night, I plan to get a cake for her. Though is late one day la. I dont want to buy it ON THAT DAY. Cause it will be no surprise. So the next day - lunch time, I went to DePastry and bought one 8" choc creme (as above picture) cost only RM40. I told the guy that I'm going to pick it up at 6pm - after work.

When I picked up the cake, I redraw my money and rush home. Mum havent come back yet. And I put the cake in the fridge, then go to my bedroom and have a little rest. Around 8pm, I woke up and mum + dad was home. Then mum say "why you waste money and buy cake har?" (urm, actually been more than 2 years our family didnt eat any burfday cake liao) But luckily she didnt say "you know ar, fridge no space liao!" Else I hantam my kepala joh. Haha.

Then I kept making noise and say "come come, blow burfday candle!!!!" and she will say "dont make alot of noise, I dont want neighbour to hear it!"

Oopss.. hehe. After my dinner, I light up candles for my mum to blow and make a wish. Mean-time I took some pictures as well. Though is very very small burfday party for my mum, but at least she's happy ma. Somemore I add in extra RM100 for my mum - cause is her big day. Means that day I redraw my money of 1K, totally no more liao in 1day also.

Gengz lea!

But at least both of them are happy, den ok joh la. Money can earn back in future. But if money spend on family, I will "sai dak" de. If spend on myself, I will abit "mm sai dak". But if you double think, they (your folks) are getting old and dont have alot of time, why not use money or your time and spend on them and let them be happy right? Rather you spend on yourself, since you still got a long way to go. This is what I think la. That's why no matter what, I need to slowly slowly save up and belanja them big big.

This is life, must let them enjoy like we are enjoying now.