Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas at Tropicana City

Supposedly today's title should be - Christmas at Sunway Pyramid. But, since it's heavy traffic jam, Fatty bought me to Subang to have my lunch filled up.

*btw, I do love my lunch (did I mention - alot?) at Subang. Damn! It was nice and cheap too. Slurps~

Dropped off at Subang's Summit USJ. Nothing much to see. But I tried to blend in with the area. Tried their clothes and heels. In the end, I didnt bought any - cox I'm officially broke. (is true)

But, I didnt missed out anything at Summit there. I got the chance to hear them sing Christmas Carol, which was - quite nice to hear.

Almost reached 7pm. We try to go to Sunway. But, still heavy traffic. Duh~ End up going to Tropicana City instead.

Please don't put hope so much on Tropicana City's Christmas theme. What do you expect for that area right? But all I did was snap snap snap - esp crazy for their ornaments.

Theme: Sparkling Christmas

With lots of teddies...Is time to buy for your love ones ^^

And...I saw this cute little thing

Cute rite? lolx.

Then..while snapping ornaments, I snap myself one pic.

And..while snapping for the 2nd time, out of nowhere, Fatty slot himself in =.=||


As I said earlier, that I was snapping for ornaments - here goes C:

For the Crystal Blue Christmas Tree:-

For the Sparkling White Christmas Tree

and...took a picture of myself ^^

For the Reddish Christmas Tree

For the Elegant Purplish + Goldish Christmas Tree


lastly..Maroon Christmas Tree

Lastly, I asked fatty to hide behind ~