Thursday, December 17, 2009

Most Passionate

Is a cert where Teabreak will be giving this cert out to those who are the MOST PASSIONATE TEABREAKERS in (month).

I got mine on Feb, followed by the others...until


This year - December.

It was a sudden announcement that they are going to voice out - who is the Most Passionate for the Month of December. And it was for *him~

Some clapped, but some clapped fake and even putting a fake smile. That was one of me - truthfully.

I got a shock to hear that the cert was giving to *him. I didnt expect that. Before calling out *his name, I voiced - Sam! Our the only 3D who die die helped us to do 3D thingy such as In-Store, Walk-through, Rendering, E-card, Interactive intro, every fucking shit he do - that got related to movement, and 3D thingy.

Though he have a bad temper, but we all understand the matter. Who dont bang bang here and there when hear the briefing at 7pm and need it by tommorrow before lunch? It means - have to OT joh la!

If they dont want to vote for sam, then how about Forest? Izzit Art Director also cannot get it? Weird, cause another Art Director just got his few months back. If not, then how about Kelvin? He did contribute alot of his hard work to Teabreak. Especially - AGM!

If they want to say that - Passionate is where, when job came in and you handle it with a smile and do it properly from start to finish. Love working in Teabreak and so on. But...*him, he just freshie. Don't they think that once they make this cert for *him, is already unfair for the rest?

Did they ever mindmapping this issue?

I'm not jealous that *he got the Most Passionate cert. And why should I jealous for when I have one already? I just not happy only. I know is not *his fault, and I also think he got a shock. Since he himself also told me that he facebooking and hardly have job in his hand. Then, why did the HOD vote for him?

Izzit facebooking the most can win the next Most Passionate cert? Then, I will facebooking it if it's true. And also, this month is the month where we all need to vote for the Most Passionate Teabreakers from Feb - Dec. I think I know who to vote at, and I do not hope people vote for me, since this PASSIONATE is just NOTHING!

Ps:// last time I used to like this Most Passionate thingy. Though is just an internal printed paper - where you can just file it up. But is fun to hear those name called out. But after this case, this very month - PLEASE...It's so FUCKING RIDICULOUS!