Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great News!

I did post up my previous blog - mentioning that I went to interview at D Plus M right?

They called me again..asked me to come for the final interview at 8:00 - 8:30pm tomolo. But never know, yesterday I worked till 2am..and I supposed to clock in work the next day at 2pm. Since like that, I told myself that I need to early wake up and give them a call whether my interview can be move forward to the morning session or not.

Slept at 5am, due to watch korean drama Chee Kek sialz..

Anyway, forced myself to wake up early and gave Penny a call. She helped me to arrange the time meeting with Mark at 12pm. So, I told myself that I will try to drive there in order to save my time. And even told Ken that I might need his direction in case.

So, on the way to KL (and I never drive to KL before!!), whether to go up the over head bridge or to go down? I called Ken immediately. But never know, he didnt answer my call. I was so freaked out. I try my best and go to the down road. Never know..missed! I was on the wrong road. All the signage kept saying, KLCC or to Bangsar. Wha liaaaooo!!!

Am FUCKING freaked! I kept thinking, how come Ken can do such things to me?? Did he really know I am going to interview and did he know that I can freak out? I tried ask one indian guy, to guide me the road to KL KTM Station, but he just shake his head by signing off - NO.

Ugh!! I drove again..and saw one Taxi stand...drove next to one car, where his stationary was stopped. Winded down my mirror and asked him for direction. When he was about to tell me, Ken called me. I was damn mad at him and told him to shutup and close the phone conversation on him.

But..after the direction was given by the chap, I felt his direction was wrong..and I try my luck again. And...finally..I saw the railway station..and infront of me is the Central Market. I even try calling devi for help. I am so scared..and I am late.

KL was in a bad traffic jam. I'm gonna phobia about it!! Duh..

I call Penny and told her that I might be late by 5 to 10 minutes time. Reached the agency about 12.13pm ady. So damn pai seh! I hate being late for interview!!!

When met Mark...he talked that I was being selected compare to the previous 2 guys. Am so happie sialz! I win over the two guys! Hahaha. Gurls rules yea! And he kept asking me to come in earlier. So the earliest I can join their company is on 25th June! Wish me luck yea!!!

I hope I can really blend in with them. Work nicely with them...As my role, I need to face my director and take care of the designers myself. Pray hard. I hope I can handle with care ^^

So...the earlier stage I did was...print out my resignation letter and straight pass to Jan. Cat offer me a white envelope. Thank U Cat!!!

And later on..Hew asked me to go inside his room. Have a long conversation with him.

I told him, the reason I leave is just - TWO
1. Overloaded works that being non-stop coming in.
2. The person I'm hard to face each day.

Even Jan told me that she will change my place if I am unhappy. As I told her "Jan, do you know, each time I come to work, I need to face her? And we don't even speak a single word at all. This is not what I wanted at all. And I'm really hard to face her everyday. Changing my seat doesnt solve any problem as we are in the same department".

And Hew even told me, "That's why we decided for so long to break up the group team and goes for individual". I told Hew "Is not that simple. Even, when doing Wella, Bo asked me whether he should ask HER to come and hear the briefing and help out or not. But I did not want too. I rather stay up OTing and do it by myself. So it doesnt mean, Individual wont be helping the others".

Infact, Hew even told me the actual day of the review - that, I am one of them will be promoting to be Junior Art Director. I was surprised and aback for a moment. I never knew I will get the position @ June. Kenny never said that to me. And I think, he wanted to give me a surprise also. Infact, I know myself very well that...Kenny will wants me to scamp and present more in a very well manner.

According to Hew, the Management planned to review the positioning, but due to some critical problem, so they hold back and waited for the right time. But I guess..Is too late.

If I knew earlier, I dont think I will resign but to stay put and be strong. I knew also..if I left..Kenny will be very tiring to do all the works. I felt bad for myself for leaving him. But I do hope, on his part, he will understand my situation.

Am happie that Teabreak promote me and Cat as Jr. Art Director. I never realise about this position after the Toblerone case and I never bother after all. I just do my part what is right or wrong.

Hew even tell me to leave. So do Kenny and Jan. Three of them told me the same answer. Asking me to leave and they can sacrificed the other. But. I don't think they have to do until that stage. I even asked Hew, please don't force me...and my tears started to fall down. Cause I know, I should be helping Kenny and not leaving him behind in this situation where he really needed someone. I'm so sorry~

And even, he have hurted his back bone and is on MC for 2days already. Yet, I resigned on the day he was MC. But, late at night I do call him up. Told him everything. And hope he will let me go and let me see and learn more new things in the other company. He kept saying ... and tell me to stay put. But...

Sorry Kenny, Jan, Hew.... T_T

Last but not least...thanks to those who wishes me. Thanks alot. Am already happy that I got the new job. 4 resumes, 1 called, 1 approved me! Am I Lucky??