Saturday, July 16, 2011

July's Sundowner

This month of the Sundowner was set by the two special host. Please give BIG clap to Mr.Lee and Ms.Shuli for coming out the theme of W.T.HELL Night~ They was planned to have this theme as ghost festival will be just around the corner.

Credits goes to Shuli that designed this poster

There, Mr Lee and his own costume

And Ms.Shuli with her own's too.. checkout her pin!
There's a big spider crawling at her head~

Not only that. The whole environment was decorate with cotton wool.

Spider that crawls...done by our kakak.
Never know she also know how to do the scary part insect to match back the theme.

And this time, food has been changed.
The 2 host got to have new food, and they come out with fruits instead of pie

With all different fruits..dragonfruit, mangosteen, rambutans, and some junk food too

As usual, beverage will be served with different flavours.

And - 6pm sharp...

You can notice that every little creatures will crawlin out from nowhere just to get your food and frighten you. Don't believe me? Well, let's see...

Lizard that would wanna attack the fly

Cockroach that blends in to the plate so nobody will smack it to death.

Another one..that prefers to eat rather to hide

Both been running here and there

Lizard that crawls from the currypuff

With this tiny little insects, some of my colleagues got frighten and daren't go near to the plates to get the food.

Not only that. Colleagues could do freaking ugly parts too...

tounges that swimmed out

with weird looking eyes @.@

love eating insects... ??


What's Sundowner BTW?

Why we NEED to have Sundowner every month?

Is to keep in touch and hear things out and get to know more about each one of us better!

And there...with Sundowner, you can have different types of smiles too :)

And different opinions to voice out in a group

While others been busy-ing eating and talking and gossiping, our part is to have photoshooting session. I bet, everyone love to face their self infront of the camera. Let says CHEESE~

Don't blame me for liking sausages. Who doesn't huh?

And...for the below pictures, please focus more on the background.

I laughed twice or ... maybe each time I viewed this two photos. I just felt is funny.
Both of them have been posing quite well for the camera shoot, but... but the hind scene..he posed lagi SUPER well indeed. Lolx. Sorry~ I really couldn't help myself to see this.

And also...

Notice anything on the photo taken?
Yah..Agreed that they are not super models or superb handsome..but...

their lips! Can be better than gurl's lips. Wahahahaha~

But if you still wish to do up sexy lips, let's do it like this~

Do it with Paul Frank instead XD. Ain't that better?

Nah...Guys, is just a joke yea. No hard feelings =p

Let gets to the gaming part now. Btw, is 7pm already.

This game was called 7,8,9 (in cantonese - is believe that it plays with alcohol. For those who diced off with 7, they gotta chance to choose any alcohol to be poured. For those with the diced off in 7, he/she gotta drink half of it. And for the looser who will get 9, too bad..he/she will have to bottoms up!)

But since everyone need to drive home that night. So from the drinks session, the host changed it to food instead.

Either is marshmallows or chips. Choice is YOURS my dear~

And the ingredients, as above. There's kimchi, sambal, honey, sauces, mayonnaise, etc.

Well, let's get the game started!

To the person who got the 7 number, yah..please choose your ingredients.

And to them who got number 2-6 and 10-12, you are safe. You don't need to add any ingredients and feel bad to yourself either.

Here's one of the WINNER! Who have number 9.

Sambal and Kimchi was putted on the top of the chip.

And Yes, she ate it to fair for everyone.

When someone asked her "how was it?"
She replied "well, it doesn't taste bad la. Is still eatable"

And the surrounding will says... sure or not?
And she replied "vomit ohr~"

Everyone laughed!

As for me, to skipped the game and urged to rush to Pavillion, I helped the host to clean up the mess and washes off the leftover food at the plates. But when I came back to the table..

There this...

Nobody would want to eat it up! It's been half bitten and it's like a shit! Gross~

WTFuck was that? Though this is WTHell Night~ hahahaha!

After cleaning up the mess..before I gotta run off... Henry asked me whether can he take a picture with me together. And, I say, Yah sure~

One of the colleague was holding the camera..and when the camera started to shoot..Henry squatted down and lifted up both of my legs up. I damn got a shiok man!!!

Yes, I screamed~ Pulled off his hair..yelling: let me gooooooo~

and Nope...he didn't drop me off the ground..colleague still continue snapping..

And when everything was snapped..he told me that I weighed 6kg...Where gotttt~~!! I'm definitely more than that...lolx.

And, dai lou dared Henry to lift him up...and YES..He did it!

That's a whoah for everyone of us~ Hahaha~

With the goodnight byes, Let's give another clap for the two hosts:

the crazzzyeeee ones ^^

Thanks Yah!

from all of us ^__________^