Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 2

Yes, I woke up twice today. Instead of waking up at 4am, I wake up at 4.20am. Take a peep at my dog..and saw him lying down at the tiles and sleeping soundly. Luckily, the cone didn't fall off. And 2nd time I woke up at 7.30am. Saw him lying down near to our grill door. And by 7.45 am, he started to bark loudly.

I wish not to take him out for PU and PS as yesterday night, he just PU once and rushed back to home. So I thought, he might / can pee at the garden instead. But no, he barked all the way. From 7.45am till 8.30am. And continuously without stopping.

I then got up from the sofa, and started to bring him go for his morning walk as usual.

When reached home, he barked again. I told mum that fat-fat might want to come inside to sleep instead of sleeping whole day outside at the porch area. But mum insist do not allowed my dog to sleep inside (For your information, inside means - inside my house compound and not really inside the house. As there's a grilled door where usually fat-fat will squeeze in and sleep next to the bicycle.


I didn't voice back.

But will going to take fat-fat for dressing, as his bandage started to fall off.

There...can started to see inside his ear already

See...compared to Day 1 picture that I snapped, the bandage almost came off/

And YES, is pretty scary to see this.

Since the vet opened at 10am. I started to make a move at 9.30am. Reached there sharp 10am and I told the doc that the bandage came off and need to do dressing already.

He then told me that, if possible come for dressing tomorrow least 3days dressing. I said okay to him. But in another hand, I afraid my boss might not like it, cause I will be coming late to the office ><"

When doc started to do up the bandage thingy, I watched it while talking sweet words to my dog. Asking him to stay strong and he's the strongest and not scared of any pain. But still, he wimp softly.

After the dressing was done, I went back to put my dog back at home.

This is how he sat at my car

Feed him with bread and water too before I go to work. And about 1.30 pm, I received my mum message saying:-
I took the outside dog cloth inside cox he drag near gate. Each time he bark non stop for attention i ignore him then he keep quiet n rest. I wont pamper him.
And I didn't replied my mum.

About 7.50pm, I received my mum's missed call. Called back her at 8.20pm to ask her what happened.

Then through phone, mum told me that the bandage came off. I said "Came off like how? Half as in like this morning or totally came off??" She replied "totally came off" I said "If totally came off, then means you can see the film attached to his ear right?" She said "Yes. It came off"

I got nervous!


I feel like screamingggg at her right away trough phone conversation. I got mad. PRETTY MAD!

I already told my mum that fat-fat wanted to go inside to sleep only. That's why he barked non-stop. But yet, my mum said do not pamper him else he will make used of us every time day and night.

And now...because my dog got angry and stressed out, bang here and there, and there...the bandage falls off~

I end the call conversation with my mum straight away. And continue to work as I need to work back 1h 30m (since I came to work at 11.30am) to replace my late-ness to work. But...

I couldn't stand imagining my dog's bandage came off.

And so, I packed my stuff and walked out from the office about 8.20pm.

Rushed home and takeaway food for mum and myself for dinner.

Was drizzling.

And saw fat-fat waiting for me to come home near the gate.

I quickly run back and tell him don't go under the rain. Saw his bandage really falled off.

There's the film that stitched outside his ear as inside his ear was cut open for operation

I got more angrryyyyy....and started to find bandages...and NO BANDAGES AT HOME!

I fucked off! I keep on mumble and said "see la...don't want listern to me and always says don't at this night, where's the hell I find that doctor. making me alot more things to do, have lack of sleep, yet you give me more trouble because you are god damn selfish and only care for yourself. Go take your food, go take your newspapers! I always bring back this to you and you never even bother to help me back!"

Mum know I am damn angry already. She gave me her bandage and said "can this be use?" I said "No..IS TOO SHORRRTTTT"

And I take my car keys, keep saying "I don't wanna go home, I don't wanna go home just to see him suffer!!" But, I went to pharmacy to buy bandage.

When reached home, I untied everything and removed the bandages left dangling over his neck. Gave him water and feed him with medicine. But making well-sure that he doesn't scratch his ear using his hind legs. That's why I've been hugging him most of the time.

Then I started to take out everything that I just bought. Mum gave me her plaster.

And I started to bandage the wound. Am not sure whether is it the correct way or not. But, what I know is..I really need to cover his ear from getting exposed to the dirty air or rains at night.

Finally...I finished everything... Tada...

He looks unhappy still :(

Maybe I don't know how to balut. But I don't care-la.

I took him to PU and PS after everything was done. But..after PS, he shake his head and the bandage fall off at the road =.=

I rushed back with him, and started to do all over again.

And when I asked him to stand straight..I felt like I tied him quite tightly... And YES, I un-bandage it again...and wrap it again....

After everything was already 12am...and I am starving...

And fat-fat just have his night outside sleeping.

Oh yea, this mum opened the grill door wide, to let my dog easier to come in and out after I talked rudely to her.

Is not that I wanted to talk rude to her, but is really the truth what I need to voice out. Fat-fat might not be happy that he can't come inside due to wearing the con and he might feel sad, because of the cone he's wearing and make him can't sleep inside.

Hope he will be alright tomorrow..but yes, I will be bringing him to dressing tomorrow morning too ^^ and will keep on waking up as usual to check on him.