Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 7

So, today is the day where I bring my dog to the vet again.

Luckily doc says that fat-fat wound is getting well. And I asked him, "when can the stitches be remove?" He said, it needs two weeks after the operation. Means...next coming tuesday is the DAY!!

Been - still sleeping at the living room. Making my back causes alot more pain =.=

And yet, early morning my dog started to bark non-stop. Damn it. Why cant he just let me sleep throughout the day? Can't he give me some of my morning private time? Ugh...But instead of complaining, I however loosed to him. I need to wake up, feed him medicine with bread, clean up his UFO, give him water, and started to bandage his ear and take him go for his morning walk.


But tonight..I plan to sleep back at my room. I really need a good night sleep, since now..my dog is being so active back =.=