Friday, August 5, 2011

Fat-Fat Undergo Operation - Day 3

Forget about the title of "Undergo Operation". It's actually the 2nd day of taking my dog for dressing. And it's also the 2nd day I started working at 11.30am.

I wish to pay back the time I got in to work 1hour 30minutes late. But each time I plan to stay back, my mum will text me saying the dog bandage came off again. And this, I need to rush back home to bandage him back again.

Even today, before I went home, I dropped by at Jusco to buy some bandage and 3M bandage tape too. Then drove home and parked my car outside.

Started to un-bandage my dog. Feed him bread with medicine, gave me lots of water. And started to bandage him up. I don't quite like when he started to shake his head. Each time he shake his head for 3-4times, the bandage FOR SURE will get loose and the ear will just popped out.


Am tired this morning. As, I woke up at 4am today, peeped at my dog. But not sure whether is his ear was alrite? So I went out to check on him. He opened up his eyes, and sleep back. I petted him for about 8-10minutes and kissed him, and I go back to sleep at the sofa again.

And guess what?

I have lack of sleep, and my backbone got ache.

I even woke up 8am sharp to check on him again. And his bandage falled off again. Luckily I wake up early and started to dressed him up. Else I think, I wont be reaching the office at 11.30am :(

Somehow, Luckily tomorrow is weekend. Though I still need to wake up early to bring him go for dressing and even bring my mum to check on her health too...

Will be a busy week to look after my dog this and next week~

2nd day of my dog - the dressing was did by me too :)