Sunday, September 4, 2011

If you were to-be Bored

Here I suggest you - for all chinese only - especially =p

If you were bored and you're soon to-be growing mushroom and fungus, you can try watching this video for only 1hour and 28minutes. This was suggested by one of my colleague. Not bad-la this movie. At least it entertain your 2hours less of your day ^^

Why this movie was bought out from my colleague - if because of ME!!!

I was wearing jeans that last friday. And due to over-heated (outside-la), I folded my jeans into a short jeans. Well, I admit I folded it chin-chin chai-chai la. OKOK...Like AUNTIE ok??

And another colleague of mine told me that her "kakak" means her neighbour servant was way good looking/prettier than me =.=

Ok. I admit I'm old. I'm so gonna turn into 30 in no time. That's "SOMETIMES" really F.R.E.A.K the hell out of me. But what to do? Human age will grow older each year passed. Damn~

And the actress that was in this movie is (you better check-it-out~), Is the women inside the bus with wild imaginary of having sexy macho guys pole-dancing over next to her. FTW~

Back to the video...

Here's the link and I don't think in malaysia, they will going to aired this out. So if you see this blog I'm post-ed, better watch it now before it got deleted from youtube yea.

Have a nice Weekend all~

ps: for those who need subtitle, at the bottom right corner, please click "CC", let it load awhile and the subtitle of the english will surely come-out :)


ken said...

1 hour + on youtube is a no-no for me :P