Sunday, May 8, 2011


YES! Am having another bad luck week. Well, what I know is that.. once a year, I will be attending the seminar of - The Most Bad Luck Week Of The Year award without fail.

First, have a dinner with my ex-colleague at Jalan Alor. I double parked my car near Restaurant W.A.W and thought that won't kena anything. But while eating and chatting around and dismissed, I saw something at my front screen.

And is:-


I got a shock that time, but pretended infront of my colleague that I don't want her to get miserable or any of those sad things feel. So I said, worries de la. Don't think too much.

This was happened on 05 May (Thursday - 9pm)

I really have no idea that there will be a police traffic and go summons those who double parked. Damn~

Anyway, I though - well, just let it be.

And on 06 May (Friday - 9.30 pm), I was about to meet Ken and get my dinner and planned to meet one of the supplier around PJ area. But since I'm a loser driver in KL to PJ, I ended up arriving back to Jalan Kuching round-about and not PJ area.

I even kept calling one of my colleague to guide me the direction and get even panicked when I don't familiar of those roads and signs. Ugh!!! But when the colleague asked me to U-Turned (as in 6pm direction at the roundabout), I totally knew where I was and know what's the road heading too.

Since I mentioned earlier that I planned to get my dinner from Ken and only meet supplier - ended up, I meet with the supplier 1st as he have waited 30mins of my arrival (due to lost track on roads and yet traffic jams). Then, after meeting my supplier - head back to meet Ken.



Only I realised that Baby Neo has been banged by the car. From afar, I did saw the car coming towards me with a slow speed, but never know, he banged me and I twisted my hand, and hit my head at the window glass.

Came out from my car. 1st thing 1st I say was " WALAO EH!"

And started to call Ken that I met the accident nearby.

Ken talked with him over it and end up taking up his car number and his IC. He drove Alpha Romeo and worked at Naza Italia. Whoah.

Here's the condition of my car:

my cheap rim after fallen out

Dented at the top of my wheel, and minor scratches on my bumper

And early morning, bring it to the mechanic, and it says that - need to be maggat and sprayed need to cost about RM450. But the workmanship from the guy that he intro to us, he cost us RM500. So Ken dealed it with the guy how he wanna pay up the sum. And he said, he will pay up on monday - RM200, on Wed - RM250.

Well, let's hope he really do pay up as I didnt lodge any police report within the 24hours.

Not only that stops.

I just found out my eksos cover was fallen off too. But not sure when it came off! looks so B.A.R.E

Wondering - I really need to buy another new one.

No! I need to buy Eksos, and Rim for Baby Neo! Damn...

And not only phone bottom cover part, falled off. Agh!!!

I really can't take it anymore...How come everything need to come at once?


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