Saturday, November 7, 2009

Message to you again

Dear Justin,

Bi ah bi...just passed two days ago, your mother called me up while I was having lunch. Then she invited me to attend your sister's wedding dinner PLUS to be your sister's *chee mui. I was taken a-back. Of cause I couldn't say NO on spot right? So I agreed and say YES instead. And will gonna visit her this coming saturday - which is TODAY lor at 12pm. Thought of considering about the *Chee mui status. I will ask her whether your sister actually have other friends to help out or not. Cause I'm worried about two things only. One is because your mother hope me to join sama, as part of your family celebration happiness. Second, is either your sister dont have close friend to be *Chee mui lor. But I think, is the 1st part...where your mom would like to ask me to attend both of the morning and dinner session.

Worst is...I dont know your sister eh...I just met her few times. Maybe 2times the most. So abit gam gai if I go on her wedding day. If only I knew your sister the 1st day that I knew you, then the story might go in different way. But, anyway...I do ask wykie to be backup. Cause I do not know whom I can ask to go with me. Collage fren? No. Colleague? No.. Secondary school fren? - who do you know? Besides Ah sian and Devi? Even, when I mix with you.. I mix with your guys mate. I dont even have a chance to mix with your females mates lea. None lea.... pai seh lea.

Anyway, tomorrow will be visiting your mummy. This is SO Confirm! And I will definitely let my alarm to be set too.

12pm...12pm... - SURE CAN WAKE UP!!! Though now is already 2:27am joh...hahaha...

Getting you...I wish you CONGRATULATION eh!! For your sister's marriage. Hopping you will attend and be happy for your sister ok.

Miss you lotx!!

ps: btw.. is wykie is not those *backup plans ok..Is just that I want to bring someone along that knows you or related with you. But in girls wise... I couldn't think of anyone joh.. Maybe, I just bring all Maxiimpact people...then we will play a very fullfilling happiness for your sister. But later..I go gather information 1st...will be informing you ya.. Don't worry...


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