Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slight Shopping

Usually Merdeka Day will be quite sunny. But not for today. Raining most of the day. And it's rain like cats and dogs. Around 4pm only I went out with Ken to Kuchai Lama to eat Fish Head Noodle. I wanted to eat there last Sunday. And today, I got the chance to go and eat...feels so happie ^_____^

And went to the boutique for a slight shop. I know..I'm just back from Hong Kong, but dont even know why I still wish to shop at KL.

Bought 1 Dress, 2 Belts, 3-in-1 Bangle and 4hairstring band in one of the boutique. Selling reasonable price too...

Love this bangle alot. Cost only RM13. Can wear it 3 together or alone for each.

Bought 2 belts too. The grey cost RM13 and the brown cost RM16.

And both of the belt cost total RM 29 eh. Where to find???? As I always mention. Look wisely for everything. Not even belts but to clothes and accessories too. Belts may be the most xpensive things to buy. Cause, usually this kind of belt can be sell at RM49.90 per one.

Ah...happy can do some slight shopping on Merdeka day ^^

Oh ya..ken even bought me 1 dress. I love it alot, though it cost cheap..But it doesnt least I love what I love.


Anonymous said...

hi sweet, the 1 dress pix u should post it up for let me to see nice or not.?