Saturday, June 27, 2009

Am Sick

Sick joh la....Sick joh la... T_T

Started sorethroat on wed. Then I told my studio manager and art director that I wish to work until 7am, so that next day I cant have a day off. But my studio manager dont allowed. Kept telling me to come. My AD just can let me drag till 3am, so the next day I can come at 2pm.

Since thrusday is burfday c'bration for the May and June month, and there will be also some short (or maybe long) meeting and some announcement to make.

Dragged myself out from bed that morning. Feel dizzy, but still need to go back to work...haiz..But mainly is to attend the c'bration and the meeting. Must gip face abit for Angie and Yvonne, cuz both of them is the organizer for the party :P

See la.. sick oso force to come. Reli reli hope to take MC that day...

On the way, Yvonne called, asking where am I. I told her I just passed thru the toll and will be ariving within 5minutes like dat.

Once arrived, they adi started the meeting. Next, came in Kenny and Nigel. At least Im not the last :P yet. haha...

When I opened the front glass door, I smelled DURIAN! I dunno who the fuck ate it and came to office. Sialz! But in no time, they started to bring out durians with a tag that stated my name at it. I was blur, yet surprised! Everyone need to open up their DURIANS. So I opened up mine ^^
and the meeting continued...

Wishing those burfday gurls and gals for May and June - HAPPY BURFDAY PRETTY AND CHARMING GUY ^^. Next, is the Passion Certificate. May Cert goes to - Wayne, and June cert goes to Ken!!!

This half year Passion Certificate 2009 goes to:-
January: Alice (Marketing)
February: Me!!! (Creative)
March: Chen Yee (Marketing)
April: Cat (Creative)
May: Wayne (Creative)
June: Ken (Production)

*clap clap clap*

And there's even badminton competition being held. The 1st price winner will be receiving cash of RM200, 2nd price will be RM100, and 3rd will be RM50 (izzit or RM80??). I know Im sucks in badminton, so I didnt borther to participate. Haha...

3rd, there will be group arrangement and even an assessment to "Open Up" or so-called "Voice Out" to replaced "No Fear" theme. "Open Up" theme is from the durian - where we have to open-up the durian. Duh... Need to prepare and voice out everything then... I will say
- always work so late!!
- always today briefing or even EVENING briefing and say "tomolo need the visual"
- asking me do flash, flash flash... (I hate it when either AE or Client wanted it to be "tin fa long fong"..Hey I'm not multimedia! So better DONT EVER EXPECT SO HIGH - FUCKERS!)

After awhile, I log in FB.. and saw Cait statues. I commented on her statues asking bout durians. In no time, Chen Yee commented also and asking me to grab my durian. I rush to chen yee and asked her "where's durian?" Then she ask Kakak and Kakak point it at the Ice-cream container. From Creative Dep, I rush down to Production Dep and open up the container. Started to eat durian!!! Yummy.. Sweet....SONG AR!!!

I know..I know I'm sick.. But I cant just stop and forget anything about Durians. Later on, Nigel also eat some.. and when he left, Im still in there and grabbin more and more. Until, Jason say "Enough joh la.. all the room smelled". >.<

So I washed my hand, and go up to creative dep. Not 30minutes later, Jan ask me whether I wanted to eat again? And she told me she gonna bring durian up. COOL!!! At1 st I tot that she was just joking. Neva know, she reli bring it up, and we sat and started to eat it. That includes Me, Jan, Wayne and Nigel. Others was suffocated with the smell. Luckily for those burfday gals and guys, they got their present and opened up and started to light up the aroma to get rid of the smell...

A while later, I know that I aint feeling alright. I know I'm gona get sick soon...I was very slow in working, as my eyes kept closing all the while...Good thing is, luckily I didnt stayed so late that nite. I left around 12.15am dat nite...

Reached Friday... I was headache. Head pain ar!!!! But I still come to work.. Haih... I just cant stay at home... I CANT!! I RATHER go to work than staying at home doing nothing. Even the other day, I told Kenny that Friday I might go take MC, but in the end, I didnt...

And.. My saturday outing is watching TRANSFORMER in the morning!!! Devi was nice. She came and pick me up, so that I can have xtra minutes to sleep on. Transformer ticket oso she queued and bought for both of us... Devi, THANK YOU VERY MUCHIE!!! U're THE BESTFREN ever!!!

I can say Transformer is worth watching - even at Gold Class!! Im gonna watch it 2nd round myself. Waiting fatty to come bek from Japan, and Im gonna treat him watch Transformer at GoldClass, since he likes Transformer too..For me, I just wanna catch up with Bumblebee..Damn, I luv him..he's so cute..adorable.. sweet... yummy ^^

Gotta stop...Wanna sleep now.. But in another hand, I wish to watch Heroes Season II. Maybe I just watch 2 chapter, den only go to bed. See how 1st...

Pray for me.. I hope to get heal by next the after next will gonna be my BIG DAY!!