Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Burfday

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Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Though there's nothing BIG CELEBRATION for me... but I'm happy with my BIG DAY...I dont even know why. I'm just so happy...Maybe today is the day I no need to go to work and do any of the overtime works. Maybe it's because fatty is back from Japan. Maybe I'm just so happy just for T.O.D.A.Y

By the way, I even HAPPY when someone wishes me HAPPY BURFDAY! That's what I like to hear. And that's also r'ber me that someone still never forget about u, even u going to grow one year older T_T

Let me share something...

Last sunday 050709, Fatty bring me go watch Transformer. I tot of spending him and let him watch Gold Class instead. Well, another point is: - BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW WHAT TO BUY FOR HIM THIS 090709!!! So the only thing I can think of is giving him relax and letting him watch Transformer. Alas, Gold Class Transformer SOLD OUT!

Deng lei keh fai!!!!!

Anyway, later on, we queued up and I bought Twin Seat instead. Besides, his lil bro and his gf also got joined. But they watch 3D Ice Age ^^ Since time different, they drove themselves and we go our ownselves. Before entering the cinema, Bro called me and asked me where am I.

I told him that I'm going to watch transformer at 1Utama. To his surprised, he also said that he just reached 1utama and also gonna watch Transformer too. Asked me to go to the counter, since he has just dropped Leah.

Whoah...before talking about brother...I got one very bad news!!

I dont even know how come my colour con break into TWO! I totally have no idea bout it. No wonder I felt my eye quite pain on the left. And all of a sudden, tears started to fall down..damn.. I opened up my mirror, and then only I noticed that my con breaked up ady. Somemore, my eyes started to turn red! Duh~

I take out my con in public, and wondering where is the other tiny piece? While rubbing my left eye, suddenly the other piece came off! WTF IS THIS??? That colour con I wore was like not yet 2weeks also.

All this thing makes me ONE SIDED EYE! Pity me >.< Then, while going to the counter, I try hard to depend on my right eye to see everything. All of a sudden, someone touched my shoulder. I turned around and saw is Leah. Bro's GF. Wow..she sees me 1st before I sees her..While she collecting her ticket, I just have some slight chatting with leah's sista and they watching the same cinema with ours. Surprisingly, we also sitting next to each other too...They bought TWIN SEAT of 5-6, 7-8 and my seat I bought was TWIN SEAT as well, but number 9-10. So sitting next to me was bro and Fatty.

Wooohooo..So happy, and yet also not so happy cuz ONE EYE ner!! Sei mm sei~and yet Bro treat me eat pop corn too ^^

Since our movie was 12am, we finished it bout 3am. Reached home around 3.30am and I continue to work my brain out so that I can email something to my AD. By that time, it's already 5.30am. *Yawn*... Well, this few days also I've been working and thinking and squeezing my brain to think about the INTERACTIVE part! So I've been sleeping around 4-5am recently. Design Life is so miserable sometimes...

Anway, on my ACTUAL DAY...I woke up by hearing vibration from my phone. Fatty asked me whether am I willing to wake up adi or not. Damn. My head was so heavy. Heavy like a HUGE ROCK! Slowly, I crawled down my bed and started to went to the washroom.

Mom called me out, and asking me whether I wanna have lunch with her at Jusco Kepong. Ok lor.. I drove mom there and she treated me Chicken Rice Shop, since she got coupons. Then have some household shopping with her and back home later on.

Around 8.30pm only Fatty came and find me. The whole day his car been adjusting audio and installing DVD Player. I dont even know how come he wanna install DVD player in his car!! Hard to understand guys sometimes...Anyway, talking about car... Im waiting fatty to help me attach spoiler soon to my Baby Neo. Quite excited adi ^^

Well, Fatty bought me to The Curve. I dont seems to have high hopes in going any expensive or high class thingy. All I wanted is just ordinary dinner and relaxing, that's all. While finding a place to park our car, Bro called me and asked whether I wanna have dinner with him or not. Alas, I told him I was at The Curve. And YES.. He's on the way to The Curve too. And telling me that he's going to have dinner with the two other burfday gurls at Fireman.

Mmm... Ok..Since I never eat Fireman before, I tot it was a good idea also. Leah ask me to go to Fireman 1st cox her sista already booked 4 person actually. Asked me to go there and tell them from 4 change to 6 person instead. So I did.

Quite happy eating with them actually. Inmagine, I bumb into two burfday gurls and eating dinner with them together. That's quite njoyin~ And, my bro pays up everything. That's include me and fatty too. Total bill was over RM200++. Included Fatty is becox his burfday falls on 090709. Dah!

Thank U bro!! Somemore Fatty bought me a black tee from Kitschen. Since it's SALES everywhere, and I longing to have that black tee. The 1st time I saw, I wanted to buy it. But devi told me it's just a normal Tee and asked me dont waste money. Ok, and I listern to her.. and but since it's sales, though discount not banyak la..just 10% out of it. So Fatty bought for me...Very da happy ^^ liao.

Besides on my BIG DAY, I wore the dress that my sista send to me from aussie. It's from Forever New. This brand is only at Aussie. Check it out - ForeverNew. Dont envy me ooo...

Here's me with the new dress ... lolz

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Ok.. that's just my face...showing off that I CAN WEAR COLOUR CON! But S.U.C.K.S coz the colour is not obvious sialz. I was wearing purple con actually, and it didnt strike out. Instead, it shows more on brownish colour...My left eye was wearing normal con (since that day my colour con tore into two...)

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and I'm trying to look cute duh~ hahaha... Well, just let me pose ba :P

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and this.. I should twist my head even more...hahaha~

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Okok..so here's the dress I was talking about. Nice boh? It's pretty short dress, so I wore a white shorts. Mum kept mumbling and saying "why ur sis buy u dress like dat?" I just smile and act nothing has just happened :P

Lastly as usual, I would L.O.V.E to thanks those who R'BER MY BIG DAY!! The year, month and date that my mommy BORN ME de neh~

1. Mommy
2. Daddy
3. Sista
4. Kee Peng (Cousin)

1. Fatty
2. Suet Gin

God Bro
1. Lou
2. Eugene

Secondary Skool Frenzie
1. Devi
2. Lai Yeng
3. Caxryn Law
4. May May
5. Fong Tip
6. Monica
7. Phaik Bee

CAA / Intec
1. Anis
2. Vivianie
3. Sue Fang
4. Ah Seng

1. Nicole Hooi
2. June
3. Yin Ling

1. Kelvin
2. Cat
3. Alvis
4. Kenny
5. Yvonne
6. Wayne
7. Dexter Chua
8. 伟斌
9. Joey Gan
10. Mun Yee
11. Jason
12. Sze Mun
13. Angie
14. Alice

1. Tang Lichard
2. Bryan Ng
3. Sally
4. Vinnie
5. Crystal
6. Wei Ling
7. Jamie
8. Ryan Chin
9. Darren Jee
10. Donna
11. Great Eastern (Mr Tan)

Thanks to u all *Muacks*