Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cheap Korean DVD

As I was about to bank in money into my bank, I then only remember that there's pasar malam tonight. After banking, I took a walk around..never know..I came back to the DVD seller (which I usually buy korean DVD from him).

It's almost been half the year I didnt buy any of it. Last time I bought was like RM20 per 1 Korean Drama DVD. Anyway, they charge depending on how many CD there is. But today, I have a look at it and it goes up to xtra RM5. Meaning RM25 per 1 Drama Movie.

The man told me that TODAY and TOMOLO they have offer of selling it cheap as in RM10 per 2Disc of Korean DVD. I asked "what happen?" And he told me that they wanna clear all the old stocks and get new one, but just for onlu today and tomolo. Korean Drama with 2discs sold at RM10. With 3discs is RM15.

Since is so cheap, I decided to hunt for one if the movie where there's this latest movie going round and there's my dream boy too from Big Bang!! His name is "Choi, Seung-Hyun a.k.a T.O.P". The movie was called "IRIS".. I wanted to watch it badly sialz >.< Anyway, while hunthing and searching, finally I gave up. And at 1st, I bought only 3DVDs..later, add in another one more and anotehr one more. So it makes 5 Korean DVD Dramas with only RM50!! If not.. It will be RM125 joh!!.. I'm so lucky ^^

Here's the 5 dramas I bought!!! One of it is ghost movie. Neva watch Korean drama in sense of ghost. So, I just give it a try...

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And below is the previously I bought when I am so free at home!! Coffee Prince was one of my fav drama!! As well as "I Am Sam"..cox T.O.P was one of the actor there and he's the coollest student of all! RIVALS, is nice to watch too.. It's about two men falling in love with the women. Nice soundtrack too!!

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