Sunday, August 23, 2009

1 week of thinking

7 days of not picking up his calls. And today when I woke up, I finally make my decision that I'm going to break-up with Nam.

I know and understand myself very well that, if I'm giving him another chance, he and liping will still be in contact. Maybe he will not find her, but definately that little slut might get his contact. Because I know Nam is not firm to talk to the slut to get away from his life forever.

So either is me or her. And I choose myself to get away while I still can. I couldn't be with a guy that still contact each other which was forbidden by me. I have to choose a harsh way.

Previously. I mean last year Nam changed his mobile number cause the slut still contacts him and making me hate both of them. So, he decided to change his number in order to relief my pain. But yesterday night, his sms that turns everything ups and downs. He wrote "I can change my phone number also".

What does that means? All this while I've been telling my self that they didnt contact each other thru phone. But now.. what is this that he wanted to change his cell number? Does he gave his number to that slut once more? No wonder in MSN, that slut asked him to call her. So meaning, if this time he change his number again, next time - no matter what, maybe in future wise, they can still contact with each other right?

Just like, somehow Nam told me that he blocked and deleted her. But still, the matter occurs the same reason.

So tell me, why I should give him another chance when he dont wanna use that chance properly? It's just wasting my fucking time to be with him when he NEVER SOLVE HIS OWN PROBLEMS!

He even told me that he's going to buy me sport rim and take me to bangsar and buy me the dress I longing to wear. So what? He's taking money and buying me happiness? Then how about my sorrows? Will it cure? NEVER!

And that's why...I really really do want a BREAK-UP! I couldn't trust Nam already. All he do was a lie and trying to cover up his stories like others. He kept telling me to pick up his phone, but so. What else if I pick up? He never tell me the truth what he has been up to. Instead he will say "what you want now?" I've been fucking fedup with all his useless thingy. Non of them is working fine for me.

So, Ng Chung Nam. If you are reading this...we are TOTALLY OFF!