Sunday, September 6, 2009

September Baby


Especially for Selangor area...!!wooohooooo...Already have 5days off (deduct one of my leave in Hari Raya!) And besides, my fren is getting married too. That's another bonus in September! I'm so happy for her!!!

But I've just counted. Her wedding day is on 19th. Which means, I ady took an off on the 18th. And I've just COUNTED!! I tot of planning to go Penang trip on my Raya holiday and find Anis ... more joh. Anyway, attending a wedding also is a good thing. I can have gathering with my collage fren. Even hoping Loon will turn up that day. Though I know he have lots of Bomb this month. But still I wish, I could see him that day. Pray Pray Pray HARD!!


YAHOOOOO!!! Fucking michael just called me! Just now.. Just moment when I was typing here. He asked me where I'm going this coming Raya. I've just told him about my plan that Friday I'm officially FREE but not for Saturday. And Mon + Tues, I'M TOTALLY FREE!!! Then he ask me to join him for BBQ at PD. Hell yea! I'm going of cause. Else I will be freaking out staying at home and continue to watch my DVD's. (My goodness, I've ady bought 23pcs of DVDs and dont even know which one I should start watching. Some of the movie, I bought for my sista which she asked me to buy for her. And yea, she gip me money too ^^). Michael, I love you!! You come out all of a sudden and planning a schedule for me this coming holiday. But I hope this trip work. So I dont wanna be so happy 1st. Later CANCEL joh, I will be moody liaw =.=

Another sad case is, Nam is not going to Japan anymore. He quit his job and do another job. Damn. He's been changing job after job for the last two years. When can he stable ar? I do hope he go back Japan. So I could have MORE FREEDOM! Yea, I even told him that today. And today also I met with him...after a mth of arguing our problems and that's make me DO NOT WANT TO MEET HIM. But anyway, since he's helping his family business out, den he told me dat I still can have my own freedom such as going out with frenz and have mountain climbing and so on. Then ok lor.

Sincerely I do not wish he join me to go anyway when I'm hanging out with my frenz. I know he will be bored, so I choose not to let him go. I'm not bad ok. If he knew my frenz, then is another matter. Nah..nvm...

Just yesterday, my colleague and I have a trip to Bukit Cahaya (taman pertanian) @ Shah Alam. Previously on friday, I reached home at 4am (due to work overtime). I do not wish to sleep. So I trim my front hair, and online FB to play FB games. Then my mum force me to sleep ><. She just scared that I've lack of sleep and couldnt drive. So Ok lor.. I slept after 4am. And wake up at 5.45am and get prepared to drive out and fetch my frenz. But when reached Teabreak. NON OF THEM arrived! Shitty... hahaha. First thing first, I called Kelvin. Actually we supposed to wait at Teabreak sharp sharp 7am. But Kelvin just styling his hair =.= Then I call Dexter. He didnt pick up my phone, and I faster call Joey to ask her to call dexter. Mahai..awhile later, I call dexter again, and only he pick up my phone and say he's preparing to go out now. Deng~ It's already 7.30am and he live at Cheras lea. Na beh.

Well.. I'm not sure what time we reached Taman pertanian. But luckily we still own our bikes. Poor Terrence (my new colleague), he really doesnt know anything about bicycle. I told him to return back to the person and join us by having a walk or a jog then. Quite impress bout him, cause he didnt nag or complain. Infact, I see - he's like njoying himself. I like him alot. He can mix with us very fast. Not like others. Pretending sialz.

Here's some of the photos.

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So romantic eh... buddy wan sun bathing, girl girl wan sun-tanning

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Aint he sat like a froggie??

Image Hosting by Trademark.. I luv it lotx

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Paddy Field

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Tada.. my picture with devi ^^

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Tell wayne to be serious, he go and play play

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Image Hosting by

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**missed out Joey photo.. ><
*will be updating new ones once I get the photos from my pro photographer - KC.

In the end, we all end up taking bus joh. Dont have energy to continue riding a bike eh.. No more energy liao. Actually not all the places we got go.

Lunch looo... we seperated. We drove two cars. One go to Dataran Mentari and I go to FullHouse. Interior and deco is nice. But, dont have the mood to shoot any photos. I'm so exhausted yet sleepy too. All I want is to eat, fetch them home, play FB awhile and go to sleep asap. That's my plan.

So after eating and having a chit-chat, we went back TB. Then I fetch Devi and Terrence back home. When I reached home, 1st thing 1st. I open my Restaurant City, Barn Buddy, X-Dogs, Fish-A-Fish, Parking Wars, Kung-Fu Pets and Friends-For Sale. Ok. This is my daily games which I need to play - hopefully everyday. (Restaurant City and Barn Buddy is already confirmed - EVERYDAY). Then I took a shower, and seat down relaxing infront of my com.

Then only, Ryan pop up an MSN message. We chatted a while and he really wanna go yum cha. He said weather is Hot. He dont wanna stay at home. Then I asked him, what time he need to yum cha. He said, 8pm like dat. I was like -HARRR!! I just slept 1hour and hoping to sleep again after the trip. But I ady chat with Ryan till 6pm...Devi already in bed. Then I told Ryan, okok..unless he let me sleep now, then I will go yum cha with them. Since he come and fetch me. 1st time eh! hahaha. And I'm kept praising him "no wonder today you look so leng zai la"...since he cum and fetch me ma. Must praise abit. ^^

6pm I sleep. 7.50pm, I wake up. 8.15pm only Ryan gip me a wake up call and said he's coming at 9pm. So, I continue to play FB games again. Well, devi got attend too.. and Wykie as well. I sun pin ate my dinner near jinjang. Never know.. when we reached there. Is already 9.30pm. While eating and chatting, already 1.30am @_@"

And that's the night I couldnt sleep joh. We gossip and telling stories...hours drag hours. it was so fun. Esp when I have seafood to eat. All of a sudden, DOOM! Rain falls. Totally no warning at all. Not even drizzling!! All of us got shocked and ran to the shelter. By then, we dismiss. I bet if there is no rain, we will continue to talk..till dunno what time. Cox the restaurant open till 4am.

In the end, when reached home...I still play FB and den..only I slept at 3.30am....duh.. that's my pin-tai day.

**today I went to nam house. I met his mum. His mum laugh when she saw me. Then, I told him that I hate his son. Then only she told me that she tried to call me but I didnt pick up. Hoping to tell me to hate his son for 3months as a punishment. Deng! I tot nam was using his mum phone to call me. That's why I darent answer...If I knew is his mum, I will answer it and have another 3months of freedom. So I told his mum, next time sms me..I will pick up wan. ^^


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kaka^^ so happee ~
i saw my name in there, n something good about..
reli happee can mix wf u guys too..
glad to be one of d teabreakerS !