Saturday, September 12, 2009




Though I'm tired in the morning but in the end, I do love what it takes to make my day happy and loveable. I never knew it turns out to be a good side lea. Usually we will went shopping, gossip, watching movie at cinema. But today, it's so different.

Early morning Devi come fetch me, and as usual - I was still stuck in bed. So pai seh.

Then, she bring me go to Sunway Piramid. First thing first, we bought our movie ticket "The Ugly Truth" for 2.45pm. So that we can still eat our breaky and shop a little while.

Guess what we ate?


It's Sakae Sushi. This time I manage to eat the baby octopus. ^___^ We order the same dishes as I reckon her that the teriyaki chicken was nice. Anyway, she enjoy her breaky too.

Later we went to one fashion store and I bought one dress from there. It's Lence. I never heard of it before, but anyway... I do love their clothing and fashion style. So this name will gonna be one of my FASHION/BOUTIQUE LIST joh. At 1st, I kept struggling whether should or shouldn't I buy it. But devi said, better buy...since I dont have any this kind of style, and it suits me alright.


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Then, we window shop around the new area of Sunway..until 2.45pm we went to watch our movie. I almost slept lea. It's not bout the movie that bored me. It was because I slept late yesterday night and was tired also. Anyway, the movie was nice. The story is about to get same like the others love story. One sample: Made Of Honor.

Later we went for a drink a starbucks. We sat and chatted alot of stuff. We were like sitting there for hours. Nah..Maybe 1-2hours nia. After having our legs rested...we continue to shop again :P

This time, I bought myself a pressie...from GUESS. I looked at it quite some time..den I walked out from that shop. The one I aimed is the New Arrival purse. I longing to buy one, since...quite a long time. Though I know..I got one more..but that purse is long, more much more expensive. So I darent use it...unless THAT DAY is very important.

I walked away and went to Esprit instead. Instead of me who looking for purse, Devi looked at one of the sling bag. Well, da sling bag was pretty nice. Infact...I luv it too..especially the BALL!! I hope to have the BALL only.. :P

I can see Devi pretty much wanted that bag. In another side, I kept braining wash at her. Telling her to buy. I dont want her to regret like last time we went to Bangkok and didn't buy our LOLLIPOPS, PARIS. Even today, In sunway..LOLLIPOPS, PARIS purse and bag is aint that nice. Anyhow...after a few trips to others...we finally came back to our pressie. Devi finally bought her sling bag and I bought my purse. This colour of purse also I got 2wins out of 3. So, OK ner, I bought this purple purse. Black is normal. Coklat is jialat. So, purple is the perfect one.

Ouch...this is not the purse I aimed at the 1st place. The one I aimed is...DEVI BANNED T_T hehehe.. She told me to get the purple one, cause the purple's quality is much more better than the new arrival one. And that's make me listern to her - the whole session.

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After buying the purse...I told devi that we NEED to go home joh. I know, if we continue to shop... my per day expenses will be higher ><

In the end, we drop by at Jalan Ipoh where Devi promised me to bring. To eat CURRY MEE. Wow... da taste damn nice. Too bad, no more Chow Kiew Tiew. He said need to wait for 1/2hour and my stomach is yelling at me joh. But Curry Mee IS GOOD!!! Esp the KERANG!!!!