Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pray for Fat-Fat that he stay strong.

On last saturday (05 Oct 2013), as usual I bring fat-fat for his morning walk. And after, I went to take baby neo for a repair (well, i was unlucky that my car was hit and run while I was working at the office. It was a bad luck day on my friday night T_____T Had deep scratches and dented as well. Duh~ ). Ate my breakfast and dabao food for my mum.

So when I reached home, as usual fat-fat will come and greet me. I gave the food to my mum and wanted to go out, but as I was walking passed fat-fat I saw something that stopped me.

It was this wound.

It happens on this year June that he got this lump. I went to the usual vet clinic that I always bring him. But the doctor doesnt allowed me to have fat-fat undergo an operation. Saying that he was quite old to do an operation unless is worsen everything. Else, this kind of thing can be maintain by giving him antibiotic and another kind of medication.

I've been feeding on and off for the past few months until just last saturday. I can't hardly bare to look at it.

Luckily Ken was the one who fetched me home and he offered for me to take fat-fat hop inside his car and rushed us to the vet clinic that fat-fat usually went.

The doc asked what's wrong and I showed him his wound. He told me that I can bring my dog to UPM, Serdang as they can do operation over there. Asked why not him? He said that is a joint area at his ankle and is pretty hard to do the operation and need a professional to do it.

Unless, I can everyday clean his wound and apply medi and bandage it up to avoid the flies laying eggs on the wounded area. I told him that I can't always do that and yet, fat-fat is not sleeping inside the house, so is pretty hard to keep him really clean.

Anyway, I asked whether is Serdang still open but he said their business hour is same like government. =__=||

Somehow, in the end he introduce me to another clinic nearby Carrefour, Kepong. I was afraid that he was asking me to go to one of the vet clinic there (which is an indian doctor and he have put my previous dog into a deep sleep). But luckily it was another one.

Waited till the door was open (lunch from 12.30pm - 2.30pm) and the doctor checked on fat-fat. Saying his bone started to bend (just same like human. as u becoming more older, your bones tend not to be straighten but crooked abit) and asked is it been a long time his body shape looks like that. But I told him I couldn't notice it as all the while, it looks the same to me :(

Only, I noticed that the doctor was actually from UPM (I had a deep relief - finally)

He even mention that my dog is quite old and he need to do a blood test for him. Saying, that he need to see his kidney and liver are good. And if it's not, then they have to cure it one by one. (Example, let's say the kidney and liver is not healthy. So they have to treat the kidney 1st and then the liver, and only in the end to do the operation part). So the result took within 24hours and cost only RM90.

I can't sleep that night as I've been thinking : what else if fat-fat have a very unhealthy kidney and liver and other things too. what else if...what else if???

I was so down. So sad. I just have to pray really hard to God that I need fat-fat to stay strong and healthy. If, (touch wood), something turns to be a bad news, I might just clean the wound everyday myself if I know to treat the other parts may cause me a real bomb which I really can't afford it.


So the next day, I called the nurse when Ken texted me that the nurse tried calling me but couldn't get through. (Well, luckily they have asked for another 2nd contact number incase they cant contact me).

Is a good news! Saying fat-fat condition is good and need to go fasting from 10pm till 9.30am (without food and drinks) for the undergoing operation on Monday.

I rushed out, kissed fat-fat. Saying thanks to him that he have kept himself so healthy for the past 12years that I have looked after him. I really wanted to cry that moment. But, at the same time I have been changing and applying the cream and bandage him up myself for 3times.

On monday, As usual I bring him go for his morning walk. But, when he reached home, he wanted to drink water as usual but I hide his bowl and no-where to be found. He kept going to his bowl of water twice that moment. I wanted to really cry!! But he need to go fasting. I even not give him a thing to eat in the morning. I am so cruel :(

So, I rushed and bring fat-fat go for the operation. Paid a RM200 deposit. There have a CCTV, and I can see fat-fat doesnt want to go inside the cage T_____T It was so darn painful... I don't have the chance to whisper to him and say "STAY STRONG AND I DEFINITELY WILL TAKE YOU HOME NO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU"

On monday night I felt so lonely. Usually I will have to rush home and take fat-fat a short night walk. But that night, I just parked my car and go inside the house. Huh...

On Tuesday, early morning at 9.30am, I called the clinic and she said I can take fat-fat home. It was the happiest news ever~

I rushed there, saw fat-fat. Hugged him and bring him for a walk outside. And go back to the clinic to pay the remaining bills. (Well, all of it include the cream, consultation fees, operation, injection, blood test costed RM540)

Can't wait for anything and I had a picture with fat-fat together ^^


I bring fat-fat goes home. And yes, he drank alot of water.

And not forgetting, I gave him as usual : his morning breakfast , Gardenia wholemeal bread (his favourite)

 And after his bread, he just relaxed...

Until when I reached home today, I saw him greet me with a limping leg. (heart breaks again). I rushed to take him for his night walk again (a slight walk to let him pee and poo) and took him straight back home. Cleaned and washed all of his floors myself and accompany him awhile + whispering to him and giving him hope that he just need to bare the pain for just 10days.

Still praying for fat-fat that he can stay strong~