Friday, July 3, 2009

Assessment Day

My assessment was falls on :- as below

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Yea~ 1st July 2009!!

I'm not going to shout "weeeeee" or "hoorrrayyy" as that very 1st week, I was having overtime and overtime. I got the email on monday afternoon. And they expect me to present myself on wednesday? Hell.. I'm going to drop by at hell...

Actually, we need to present something to represent ourself. Is quite important that creative part do something out. But, due to (I) lack of time, I just do it thru PDF files.

Is actually unfair to all creative department. We've been staying overtime till AM and we also need to do the assessment as well the next day. SO UNFAIR!!!!

Monday, I worked from 10am, till 4.00am...
Tuesday, from 2pm, worked till 1pm (wednesday)

and my assessment date skipped, and postponed to Thursday.

Ok, at least my assessment is on thursday and on wednesday nite, I still got time to work out my assessment thingy.

But, do they know that - IM QUITE TIRED??? I was yawning all the way from 8pm till 4am! That was actually falls on Wednesday nite. But my mind kept thinking about ASSESSMENT this word!!

That was I do not know how am I going to answer all the 17 Questions! Hell, though is ONLY 17 JEK.. But the question is tricky. I do hope to come out something. Something related with colour scheme and packaging. But, it was too late to do everything. Cause the things that I wanted to do, the material that I wanna go buy, alas, shops has been closed as it's already after 10pm.

The only thing I can do is just with the PDF format that Im going to represent. Here's the work I did. It's simple...and I just gonna post up afew. Anyway, all the answers I did was negative facts. I cant think of any positive way... Not this moment....

Open Up is this year theme! The idea came from "open up durian"... goes...

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That's my intro...
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Here I elaborate myself. I dont care what they think I am. i'm just telling the truth bout my character. Anyway, My ArtDirector agree with the 3rd point, cuz he always kena from me :P
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Of cuz I'm not happy. I've been working and staying up late lately..Sad sialz.
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THIS they should try to work-it-out!!! When I 1st day signed my confirmation letter with them, I even asked whether issit always stay OT, but they replied, "no la.. just sometimes la. Not that often". Ok la.. I can stay Overtime de. But this is too much!! I dont get the chance to see my family on weekdays!!
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This is TRUE about me lor!! I dont even know, How come I want to work and work for Teabreak. I know advertising agency will have to work overtime, but this is TOO MUCH to ask from a human to do it. WE ARE NOT ROBOT or any somesort of machine. We are human!!
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Anyway, I rate myself average. But the H.O.D. people got a shocked. They told me that I should rate myself even better. At least, Outstanding or Above Average...

Overall, that was part of me ^^. I was thinking, If I still have time, I would take this design and make it as a coaster. Front view will be the black colour, and back will be the white + point out detailings.

Reason to believe: -
to make a coaster?
- Since this company is called 'TEA-BREAK" (though no break-la), and usually is the sense of eating or drinking. So, my coaster will be served everytime "U" make a drink ^^ Is just simple as that...

2ndly, they have been asking me to learn Lightwave and I rejected. Though is 2months, and let's just say is just only 8days to learn lightwave. But can I learn that much of the software withing 8DAYS?? I dont think so! Somemore...8days free learning on lightwave 3D's software and we have to sign contract for 15mths to this company. I've just worked like 11mths and 14days, half of my soul already depart far far away from me. Now they want me to work for them like 15mths? I dont think so!

Cause I dont even know whether I can work with this company or not. I've been very very very DAMN tired. This is so crazy. I dont even have a proper working hours!! If only Teabreak have the proper working hours, I think I dont mind learning the xtra knowledge.

But, no.. They already let me down... Down to Hell....I was like force to do interactive, and now? They wanted to force me to do 3D? That's gonna make me a designer cum with multimedia cum with 3D.

What am I to them?