Friday, March 12, 2010

CNY Trip from 15-17 Feb comes my CNY trip. ^^

It took me such a long weeks to post this up as I got lots of photos in my Memory Card where I need to select some of it and filter it up.

I've been longing to go to Kuantan during this such long holiday. Finally, I manage to pay a visit over there. Hooray!


We went to the nearby MC'D and have our b'fast over there. To my surprise, (since 1st day of CNY, is equal to Valentine Day too. That was so coincident nia) I saw this at my table.

Greeting sweetheart~

Then I started to look at my next table, and's so sweet of MC'D that they put flower at each table with a candle light.

Off we start our journey to Pahang. (Only I realised that Nam mum's sister stays at Pahang. I kept telling myself that they stay at Kuantan. Pai Seh~). Even planned to stay overnite at Pahang, and the 2nd day will stay overnite at Kuantan.

Since we started our journey early, we didnt stuck in traffic jam. And...we saw the sun rising up.

Ahhh..what a wonderful morning...

And...I started to take pictures... (pls bare with what I took, as I am desperate bored throughout the long journey)

Tada! Nam seriously driving..and I darent disturb him...

So..what I did was -

Camwhore myself! Xcite myself!

And snap some random photos of myself

And...Finally...we reached Pahang, Jerantut.

Here's the proof. See the road-signage?? lolx

Then, nam told me that THIS is the old railway line. And, so I was xcited and started to take some pictures for memory. Even took out my Blackbird, in case I wanted to see how it looks like ^^

The Reflection

Walked back to Nam's car as he parked his car near the side of the road.

Snap shot his big ass...hahaha

and the lonely silhouette lamp-post

After some km's gone...I FASCINATE this view!!! Nam immediately stopped his car and let me have my time snapping pictures. So nice of him. He even told me, whatever I saw and wanted to have a picture, do let him know and he will stop his car and let me take some photos. So,where ever I saw something nice..I told him that I wanted to take photos. Haha.

This is what I'm talking about!!

Stand Alone and Stay Strong

The View

Then..came with this...unwanted house? Is totally unique!! With window but without any glass. Wide opened entrance. Left some old furniture.

And the street was super duper lonely.

Even most of the shops was closed as it's the BIG FESTIVAL for chinese.

Wall Art

We met Nam's parents and relative at one of the kopitiam. Lucky us that we ate our breakfast earlier. Cause, Nam's mum complained that the food was not nice. Hahaha...

Then, we went to his relative house. Unpacked our stuff and prepared to go somewhere else.

ps: DO NOT WASTE TIME! Treasure it!!

Btw, here's the over view of Nam's relative house with some CNY deco to soothe the celebration.

And I like their kitchen. With the style of hanging pans and knife - just like that! Totally admired it alot ^^

Next, we went to another relative house of his. Damn. He do have ALOT OF RELATIVES!! How come all my relative was not in Malaysia? Everyone migrated. Sad sialz.

Saw this...near to Nam's relative house. I started to like Pahang. Got alot of feel of being - Back To Hometown.

Back of the house, I saw this puppies. Darn Cute! One of them - look excatly like a Tiger! Cause it has the tiger stripe. (Look out for Picture No.3)


The Old Motor - 70

Well, not to waste anymore time. I went to have some photos shooted.

My Aim: Shoot Kampung Style.

I like this view alot, some clothes hanging with a straight wire. And next to it was a kampung house.

Scroll below, to view more :-

Guess what? I went near to this kampung. And turned back in no time. Cause..I smelled something stink! Maybe is the clothes that wasn't washed properly or maybe they like to live with those strong filthy odors.

But I manage and hold my breath to take this shot. I just like the way they hung their clothes and the color of it.

Tried, to climb up this kampung. Lovin' it.

Got mosquito bites :'(

All the while, we were in a bike. And the sun was so strong. SWT! Damn hot.

Have a picture with him half way through.

Letter box that caught my attention.

Another letter box

Kampung street

One more...

Incredible HUGE ROAD SIGN Ever!

Totally HUGE! Imagine the car size and the SUPER HUGE ROAD SIGN.
Hark Sei Yan aaaah...

Not even a day rest, we went to :-

Dunno where is this place. But where, everyone can play the water. Woohoooo...

*sorry, I didnt play. Haha. As I didn't bring enough clothes.

Oh ya...this is all his relatives. They even bring shampoo and washed their hair on spot. As one of the gurl works at saloon. Besides, ground nuts and watermelon was brought along too.

The Mini waterfall.

Halfway Through

Massage my leg watermelon. Sweet and nice!!!

After a long day...we finally went back home. Got the chance to take a short nap. Wake up, Eat dinner. Took a short drive at nearby hypermarket. Bought Shampoo, Body Wash, Toothbrush and paste, etc. And then, drop by at mamak. Nam said he was hungry. He ate his and I ordered myself Sup Kambing.

Surprisingly, I love it alot! I drank all up. Seriously. The taste of the Sup Kambing is TWO THUMBS UP! Then, we went back home ..and watched some Hong Kong movie and sleep around 11pm.


Second Day

Going for our breaky. Full house!! ><>

Hell right. Kampungsssss again.

Not only I shoot for kampung. Hotel too. Haha

Contrast Hotel that named as "Hotel Wau". Wau bulan ke or WAU?? those kind of wau~ ??

Later, we went to mamak stall for our breaky. No choice ok. All chinese shop was closed. And it's the 2nd day of CNY! Who the hell will open for you right? They need a rest too after a long year.

Didn't manage to rest. Off we went tp Kuantan. About 2hours journey. Or maybe 1 1/2hour.

The 1st thing I saw - and snap is:-

HOTEL! Hahahaha. One of the unique ones too.

Then, find our way to Teluk Cempedak...The beach @ Kuantan!!

Was pretty worried that they might not have rooms anymore. Hotel was damn expensive. Since is peak season. But, finally..we have a room nearby the beach. Cost RM98 (if not mistaken). Somesort like a budget Hotel.

Nam wanted to swim. And I do not want to swim. I asked him to go ahead. I can walk around and seat at the beach. But he insists I go sama with him. Due, I dont have enough clothes. I bought one from the stall. Cost RM...?? Sorry..forgot again.

Lucky, I did go down the beach. Was happy and yet, drank alot of the sea-water! Yucks!!! I hate it alot. Very salty and...those who urinated there. OMG! But, overall. I do have alot of fun! The wave that bounch and massage my backside. lolx.

Near 6pm, I saw rainbow. We went back to our room, and I took out my camera.

Though the rainbow that I took was not obvious, least, is still a rainbow that I manage to capture ^^

Btw, to pamper myself. Nam bought my fav. Ice-Cream - Orange flavour.

Yum Yum...

Shared together

On the way back, we saw this lorry. Stucked. Kesiannye. He horned and horned. No answer. Kesian again~

Back to our room. Bathed and prepared to go for dinner. I prayed hard that - please...please NO MAMAK AGAIN!!

Before going out, I camwhore again. Together with Nam.

Camwhore myself

Camwhore with Nam

Shiok both of us..Until...

pliak! Electricity went off!

Luckily we were about to go out for our dinner. Haih. So unlucky.

Traveled nearby...and we had our dinner at this Japanese Resto - Sendo No Ya. The service was quite slow. And, slow in cleaning up the table too. Bad marks for them.

Style of the overall shop is nice.

There is 4 different kind of room style you can choose. From the above pictures, is already 3 styles. One more is the outside one.

As I mention earlier, their waitress - WORK DAMN SLOW!

This is one of the room style.

Ordered our dinner...and here comes.

Ebi fried RM18

Seafood Udon RM14

Lidako RM3.99 and Inari RM2.99

Salmon RM4.99 and Ebiko RM2.99

Tebaski RM10

Tempura Cha Zaru Soba RM15

Set in Tempura Cha

Very fulling. Burp* Oppsss...

Just two of us sapu all those dishes. Cost RM81.35.

But, I paid Nam RM40 as this dinner is quite expensive if he bares alone.
(How I wish someone can afford to spend on me...haih)

And...this is the 3th style I was mentioning. And look at it again. Uncleaned table!

Food was not bad. But the service was poor. Give marks and Minus marks on SPOT.

After dinner, we went to the nearby bazaar @ the beach. All malays.

Nam was seeing any clothes that can suit him or not


I told him, doesnt suit him. Suit for the blinds. He laughed and took it off immediately.

Like this toy. But didnt buy. Auto push up and got blink blink lighting. Very cool.

Before going back, we have a night walk together.

Nam said, his face looks fat. Asked me to re-shoot again.

He thinks he cover with his hand, will hide his fat-ness. But he was wrong! More bengkak his face!!

Finally, our picture @ nite.

Went back to our room. Prepared to go to sleep. Tired.



Final day of today! Early morning, we had MCD.

Here is the fast order for the outsider that walked passed


Clean and Clear view of the beach

the beach


nam as my model. so gerli style

ahem...using my lomo blackbird

another view of the beach

Finally, had myself on picture too ^^

like this picture alot

as usual, our old style..

@ beach

And, we planned to jump, jump, jump!

Nam's style

My style - balia wan!!

he's enjoying himself with his legs at the water


I enjoyin myself to have photos of ME (^O^)v

my BlackBird, Fly together.

The only way we had pictures together - is camwhore ourself.

washed his feet...

and my feet

and the tap was so cool.

lonely....kesian again~

and...nam treat me eat choc ice cream. yea!!!

Curious where I stay??

Here is it!

Not the whole house-ler. Just rent a room only. Environment feel was not bad. With TV and attached bathroom. But please, do not fussy about the room. Cause it's quite small.

lovin' my ice cream. the way I style like a sam pat poh! haha

and this - our room number. Part of the wall was painted in PINK!

I didnt bought only Black Bird, but together with Harikin as well.
(wondering how's the outcome is about...soon-to-be reveal shortly)

And...the puppies toy. I bought for Nam. Female and Male at his dashboard.

Happily travelling together too ^^

Off...we go to Pekan. Took another 2 freaking hours journey.


But,nothing much to see. The Pekan - was quite lonely. Just took few photos only. But I like the bottom 3rd pictures. Colorful ones.

On the way back to Kuantan, snapped this:-



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