Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's Good About Me?

That I don't really understand.

I have always like to ask, and they would answer me.

Q. Why do you love me?
A. Love one person, dont need to have a reason.

Q. Why do you choose me then?
A. Because I love you.

Q. I don't have sexy body nor better boobs for you. Why not you choose others?
A. I don't need better or big boobs to satisfied me. Infact, I like smaller ones.
(This, I really don't understand at all!!)

Q. I ain't pretty.
A. Pretty doesn't mean everything is perfect.

Q. I like to have my own freedom.
A. I will give you your space.

Q. Do you feel jealous when I mix and going out with guys?

A. Depending who you mix and going out with.

Q. I got a bad tempered.
A. It's okay. I can bare with it.

Q. I'm a vulgar person. Nobody likes to have wife nor girlfriends who speaks foul languages.
A. It's better you are you and not the fake of you.

Q. I do not like cooking.
A. I can cook for you. Do not worry.

Q. I don't understand. Why do you choose me out of so many millions of girls?
A. I just love you one person. Let's said, my previous life is bad to you and now, I want to return a good ones to you by taking care of you for my whole entire life.

Q. I might not be the one for you and I might eventually die heart towards you.

A. Let's not bring this subject out until it's truly happened. And if it's really happen, then I know that I am not treating you good and letting you go is such a waste.

Q. Silent.
A. 2days I didn't see you is like I didn't see you for TWO YEARS.

- and till now..I don't understand what is good with me that