Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Petty the KTM dog

Based on True Story

Infact, I will be bringing my mum to feed this dog where my mum called him - Petty. Twice or Three times a week (for maximum). She darent feed him in the daylight as she was scolded by those KTM workers very often. So, the only chances to feed him was at night, especially after my OTs, roughly from 11pm-2am. Though is quite dangerous, but..what I thought was - to be extra careful and Petty is in hunger, especially raining season. Darn. The only place he live for a shelter is at KTM Kepong Sental.

Been feeding him about a year. I felt sad for him and cursed his owner for letting him become stray. He didnt bite people. Infact, he will bark at them. How I know he has the owner? Is because, there's a collar round his neck. Might be the owner abandoned him because he's old and have skin diseases all over his body.

Petty was quite a smart dog. He could hear my car engine and he ran towards my car and started to yeap happily. Yea. That's because, FOOD IS COMING. Sometimes, I couldn't find him at the night and I drove back home. But my mum, later on, drive her car to the KTM in the middle of the night to see whether Petty has back to the station or not. He might be not around, as he need to find food for himself.

Over, roughly a indonesian guy took his napsack and throw at Petty with a very high impact. Mum saw it because Petty was following my mum behind. He strike out a loud noise and ran away like a thunder. Mum couldn't do anything about it as there's malays around. So, the only thing that she can do, was pretend that she don't know the dog.

When I got home from work, mum told me the whole story and wanted to see him the next day. Luckily, I was clocked off early around 9pm. Drove mum to the KTM...and saw him limping.

He try so hard to sound happie, but failed due to his seriously wound that was infected at his throat. I heard the sound was quite strange. Quickly I got down from the car and look closely. He couldn't walk properly. His sound was weird (I never heard dogs sounded emotional weak before) and he couldnt EAT! He cant even bend his head down to eat. So, I suspect something must have hitted his jaw.

I was heartbreak by then. Accompanied him about 15minutes as usual, we will be leaving the food for him and went off.

After two days later, we went back to the KTM station and couldn't find him. Mum suspect that he must have passed away. She kept telling me that Petty couldn't survive. So, I went back to the KTM again, the following day. Hopping that I can sees him.

But, no shadow of his arrival.

Mum was sad by then. She kept blaming herself that is her fault. If it wasn't she, Petty must be still living. I told mum that she have to face the fact, and must be proud of herself for caring and loving Petty when he was alive.

But today, I received one sms from Nam and he told me to log in to this website to see that Petty was actually still alive. I was working like mad-girl, and when I saw the web regarding about Petty, I drop hold my job and typed the URL.

Website: Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better

Part I - What's going on
Part II - He has been found
Part III - Update on KTM Dog

Confirm is him!

He was...he was treated in such a cruel way. Pictures below:-

My heart cried when I saw this picture!

Especially THIS (below)


I was hopeless to see what those passerby did to Petty. He was innocent. He was abandoned and I bet he don't want this kind of live either. How could THEY did this to a helpess dog?

Once again, I swear to GOD, I curse the BASTARD who did this thing to a dog! I felt shame for the BASTARD! Ruthless!!!

And even, when I was viewing this pictures, my mind was so into this pictures that it happens like real. I can see how Petty suffered with something that tied him hard and was inserted a stick straight to his throat!

Is this a human being or some kind of FUCKING MONSTER that can did this to a dog? Fuck Them! I am so FUCKING THEM HARD!!!

Close up pictures:-

A hard stick that putted at his mouth!

And, he pooed in spot.

Do you know that, when dog poo immediately, it means that they can't stand the pain? Just like my previous dog - Whitey. When he going to passed away, she pooed and urine everything and then only she left us. I cry like a mad mad girl together with my sister. T_T

Luckily, the one who saw petty did something to him. Maybe they took him somewhere safe after all.

Below two pictures was still in the KTM Kepong Sentral parking view.

See, this dog. His skin diseases spread almost all over his body. But yet, I got a chance to pat at him. I know, he wants L.O.V.E. Mum scold me for petting him as his diseases might spread to human. All I know is - I dont care! If really spread, then only will decide.

See..his right leg limp. I told you earlier. He was limping when I LAST saw him that night.

And yea, he don't have a tail. So, when ever he saw us, he will try to wag (due to have no tail), his backside. Is cute watching him shake his backside. Every memories of him, will forever kept inside my heart...

One of the memory:-

I parked my car and took the KTM @ KTM Kepong Sentral. The dog was lying near to my car. When, passengers was dropped by the Rawang train and started to head to my car, Petty will bark at them. Oh well, he didn't bite. He just wanted to scares them off to get near to my car. Ain't sweet of him? I was at the other lane, watching him barking. When there's no strangers around, he will continue to rest near my car again.

ps: I wish to go to this place and see Petty. He was known in public as KTM (since he was found from KTM Station). But yet, I still prefer his name - Petty ^^


MC said...

Hi Xter,

Found your blod through MDDB's blog and i just thought of sharing this with you. No sickness from dogs can transfer to humans including, corona, distemper, parvo, skin diseases and so on. And rabbies are extinct in Malaysia only on very remote countries so rest assured that even if you are bitten by a stray, chances are, that you won't get rabbies and this are the misconceptions that dogs passed all this sickness to humans.

I hope that through this incident that you could have helped dogs like Petty more if you ever came close to any needy dogs like Petty. I'm actually one of the owner who kept Petty aka KTM at my old home for a week after discharging from the clinic upon request from MDDB and rest assured that he had lived his remaining days well. I actually saw him the afternoon before he died, he looked weak to me as he's usually more defensive when humans are near him. Maybe it's because, he had been tormented by ppl before, but just bear in mind that MDDB did the best that they could and also regretted that you did not get a chance to see him one last time.

We didn't know his end is drawing near.

a dog lover said...

Hi Xter,
I'm deeply sorry for your sorrow. Coz me too. i'm sure any human beings will be heartbroken if they had seen the photos how Petty was tormented...just amazed me how he could still survive after all that.
Maybe it's his time to go & end all the sufferings. So don't feel bad about what happened. I don't think MDDB is finger pointing. there's always a limit to how far we can reach out. just bear in mind that the next time u see a stray as ill as Petty, there are rescue groups!
And...please stand forward to be a witness if they need u in court in the futue. Thanks!
* i also feed strays so i understand!

Xter said...

Hi MC,

Understand whatever you trying to said. Appreciate it alot too. I didn't knew you were the one who kept him a week. Cause, what I got from my mum (after work each day, she will update me news on Petty), is, she is uncertain where is Petty actually located. Someone even told her that she can bring her go see Petty on weekend, but due to some rush timing, she left to penang and from then, didn't heard her news. And we know that Petty might has been transfering here and there. And I understand too, that Petty was in on-going case, wanted to hard-sue the KTM and that's why they protect Petty very tightly from letting others to come near him.

I and my mum really wish to see Petty when we saw MDDB's blog stated that Petty growing week and hoping someone can adopt him. That's why my mum try hard to call everyone that related to Petty's surrounding, hoping to meet him. We hope to meet him is because we knew him, and I'm sure he knew us too. Even, he can recognize my car engine from afar and started to run towards and yipping. He knew that my mum is bring him food and water.

My mum can't sleep well when she tot that she was the one to be blamed, when we try to look for Petty after the incident. She was totally down for the past weeks. Until, when I saw MDDB's blog that they actually have Petty, I quickly informed my mum about the good news that Petty was actually alived and thanks to god.

But now, he's not here anymore. And, is no use if I'm at MDDB's blog blaming with Gina or the others regarding who is right or wrong. Cause I rethink that blaming each other doesnt bring back Petty to live. So, I choose to remain silent.

But MC, Thanks alot for letting me know about the sickness and the rabbies thingy. At least, I learn something from you.

Xter said...

Hi a dog lover,

Yah..when I look at the picture from MDDB's blog..I got a shock that - what human being can actually did this to an animal??? And was full of surprised that the dog was still alived!! I was so hurt when I 1st saw the picture. Was totally crying inside my heart and at the same time cursing the KTM workers who did this to this dog!! They totally am defeating their own GOD for sure. Cause GOD (ALLAH), is still the one who created animals for the world. They doing this, is fighting among with their GOD.

I think, if next time I see any dogs are suffering or mourning around, I will try to call the rescue group. But, if they don't bother to care, than I will never ask for their help forever. Cause I'm very straight forward person.

and Thanks for your comment...

A Dog Lover said...

Hi Xter,
we-the animal lovers (or to be more specific-dog lovers) always suffer one way of another no matter how the ending is. as for myself, i end up with 12 stray pups at home (of course all grown up now). As u know the Masjlis Bandaraya has limited us the number of dogs we can keep in a house. Because of this i really shouldn't take in any more strays. Yet is it possible not to have strays on the street? of course i've done so many dumb things saving strays, feeding strays, searching for them (not knowing they have been shot by the MB),finding homes for them etc. So it upsets us...yet we move on. Because there's merely no end to it. Though it's consoling to know there are still many "dumb" dog lover like myself.
Please continue to keep up the good spirit!

bella-wella said...

i just knew about KTM..
oh my... pity him..
this really breaks my heart..
how could such people be so cruel...

Anonymous said...

I'm Glad i found this blog.Added to my bookmark!