Monday, April 12, 2010

New Family Member

I got a surprise from *him when he came to meet me yesterday. He took out a bag of the brand Mooks, and gave it to me. I knew it was a lomo. Cox, each time I go to Mooks, I will go to see lomos.

And hell yea! He bought me Action Sampler where I saw it the other day. I quite admire this lomo as is in plastic - lookthrough. Before I bought my 1st BlackBird, Fly. I wanted a kind of lomo like Action Sampler, Super Sampler or Oktomat. And now... I got it finally... Love it lots!!

This is the whole overall come-in package

Colorful viewing

The four lenses

The plastic - lookthrough lomo cam

I just realise that Action Sampler is not that easy. Though the four lenses can take up four sequence of movement in one film. But it doesnt have the view-finder, nor the focusing point. It's quite challenging I guess. Somemore, I just found out from Internet that it will captures the scene in 0.22 seconds per frame and 0.66 seconds in total for four frames in a sequence on each negative film).

I think, I will get in touch with this and start using it after I finished my rolls for Black Bird, Fly and Harikin Gold. ^^

And also, he bought me this film:-

I am so touched. Myself, I wont buy this film as it's expensive. So I just bought normal Fujifilem and test on my lomos. I never knew, he go buy me lomo films also. Am so freaking happie. I will start using it, when I get use to it with my THREE LOMOS ^_________^

And to slot in, I bought myself a pair of shoe @ Sg Wang today. He wanted to buy it for me. And I told him " do you know that the old chinese said, if you buy shoe for your love one, your love one will go away?" He said he heard that before and that's why He thinks of giving me the money and I take the money and buy it for my own. I insists, I do not want to do it. I wish to buy it with my own money. So I did.

I do not know is this a brand or a fake b.u.m. But whatever it takes, I dont care. Cox, I really like the color combination of the shoe. Somemore, I wanted to buy a new pair. So, here is it. @ just RM49.90.

PS:// The words that I marked with *HE or *Him is Ken.


kenwooi said...

enjoy taking pics! =)

Xter said...

haha...thank you ya...I hope I can take nice pictures too..gotta learn it ^^