Monday, October 15, 2012

Working Alone in the Office

...Was so BORING!

Hell damn freaking boring...

There's totally no one...I should have just shot it in 360º to give a proof...duh!

but... in 2nd thought, I think is good too.

I got to play my own korean song...those old korean song I longing to play the whole time, myself a DJ. No one called or ask me things today.

It seems like, I owe the office myself today. Haha!

Whatever, I like it though. And yes, I'm bored nobody to talked to. Both staff was on MC. Both marketing went out. The boss of the office went out and said Bye. Which means, he will not back to the office today.

So, to release my stress... I like doing this ! :>

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home Based Korean Streaming

Was on AL yesterday and decided to bring back the mac from office. Partly, wanted to do up some preparation for the upcoming datelines (due to I don't wanna travel all the way back to the office on weekends - again >___< ) and also backing up some of the output working files. It almost ate up till 75GB of just my client files.

Thinks is gonna takes me weeks to backup. Not only one mac, but two.



But, it's good news that we are working good though :)

Somehow, not only that , that I was using the mac. I can at least find references easily and yet watch midnight korean movie too.

Coming across the koreans one, I just recently watched two. One from my iPhone and another one - just today :D

Both movie was introduced by my friend and lucky, I would like to THANKS youtube for having this worldwide function and I can watch it online for free. Ahhh whreeeeee *fly high*

Here this - Speed Scandal. I cried twice over some of the scene. It just so touched. And I bet you would like to watch the little boy who plays GREAT tune over the piano. I've been playing it rewind, pause and rewind again as it's hard to believe his skills was damn good. Well, catch it if you're free.

As for this, you may try continue to hunt for the 2/10 till 10/10 (Is just that easy)

Another is - Spellbound. I cried twice too. OMG. Okok..I'm a cry baby. So what? I get touched over romance, or by anything. But this movie was good. The actor never think about himself but put himself at his girlfriend shoe to think what she was actually struggling to get a happy moment. He rather takes all the strangest creatures (which is the ghost) that climb behind his back rather than hearing his girlfriend scream in a fear that breaks his hearts. Go watch if you're a lover of a romance and horror fans :)

This is a full movie

I recommend it with subtitle. Don't ya worry.

Have a nice day peeps. Nights.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Blog at 1:53am till 2:05am

It's 1:53am right now...

And yes, I havent been blogging for such a superrrr loooOOoooong time. Duh.. I miss to blog so much!! I have so many things to say and yes, previously I said that I will blog about what had happened to me on my last job, but ..

as I think is damn lame to write such things in almost a year that had gone right now.

Tomorrow I had to wake up.

Sorry. Correction.

Is today, later I need to wake up as to bring mum to hospital again for her checkup. Did I ever mention I hate going to hospital? Not because is dirty or the rude nurses or docs. But, is - I had hard time finding parking. Just last Monday I went there and I had been having 5 big turns in every of the parks just to look for - double parking. And I couldnt find any of it. I even came through a very hard time where those car were parked so close that I almost - kiss their head and ass.

And, not even double park you thought is worst. You cant even imagine that some of the fella parked triple park. FAINT wei~

I don't understand how come the hospital doesnt provide an open land that is for visitors to park. Previously there's one. But I dont know why they closed it. Ishk!

Anyhow...forget about today, as I will pray hard that I will have a parking (hopefully also a double parking space for me).

Actually, I wasnt talking about this :D I wanted to blog out how my life have been.

Hmph..maybe I just continue someday, perhaps?