Saturday, April 12, 2014


I finally had my Dreamcatcher now! I had 3 actually. But I manage to capture one. Will capture the other 2 more when I had the time.

Dreamcatcher is a believe that it traps your bad dreams and giving you a sweet good dreams by coming it from the center of the hole. All bad dreams were to be trapped at the sides of it. It was firstly created by the Native American, Pan-Indian.

Moreover, the shapes are like a spiderwebs :)

I ordered this via online from a Facebook. You can try seeing it from this link. Price is all written at their website.
Facebook :
Website :

Is pretty worth the price, and I must say is quite cheap as it's handmade. I think the person who made this doesnt think about the price, but to make it for everyone's happy. I bought this at RM21 (including pos laju to house as well).

I guarantee the outcome is as good as what you can see from their Facebook / Website.

Though have no windows in my room, I hung it next to my bed-frame.

Oh...and I love to share it to my baby mongrel too when he's sleeping. Wishing Fat-Fat had a good dream as well :)