Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I met your friend; Finally

Dear Justin,

I always trust world could be so small.

Let me tell you this. You will get surprised. Or infact, you knew it and you wanted to surprised me?

While working today, we spoke about Uncle Rama's death. I cry again while having lunch. I just couldn't accept the fact that he have gone and I misses him so badly. Not only that. I cry today, this morning while driving to work. My mind and heart just missed him. I think alot about him for couple of days. I cry for the past few days continuously too.

I remember he bought me a very nice handmade key chain from Sarawak as a souvenir when we all actually have the company trip to Taiwan and I didn't even bought him anything. I feel so bad right now. I kept scolding the rest for being selfish, and I think I am one of them. But Uncle Rama would always remember us no matter where he travels. I feel really bad.

Really really bad.

Really bad that I did not buy him anything on his birthday. That I did not think about buying him anything when I went to company trip twice.

Now... I am part of the Junks, Trash that I mention earlier in my blog.


I had to stop. Tears coming down again T______T

And while Penny told me that she was actually quite shocked that his son used Uncle Rama to text her the location of the Nirvana, she told me she immediately cried. I told her I understand the feeling as Justin's family also did used Justin's phone number to text me that he was dead.

While that moment, Mave joined the conversation by saying " I dunno if the Justin you were saying is the same Justin as well".

I looked at him and said "Justin Tham?"

He said, yes. The one that study at Cosmopoint. I said again "Tham Chee Kwan?"

And he said he was not sure about his full name, but is Justin Tham and they used to be best friend in a gang while collage time.

He asked me whether do I had his picture, but I said I dont have it as before he passed away, Friendster was the best thing to play and Facebook is just coming out. But now, Friendster already not existed but replaced with something else. So all the pictures and information was deleted just like that.

Penny then asked, do you guys take pictures or something? Then I told her that moment we don't have Iphone or any nice camera phone. And we never think of taking pictures together. We spend times together.

Mave also told me that he was uncertain if Justin Tham was the same person that I always mention until he remembers he had a friend and he heard news that he was actually involved in an accident at Genting and passed away. Friends trying to relocate him but failed. His house was not at Sentul anymore.

He also mention, that moment Cosmopoint was not doing really good and everyone have been shifted to Go-Academy to study. But due to Justin's financial, he remained at Cosmopoint. He even told Mave to accompany him to finish the course, but Mave decided to move on and went to Lim Kok Wing.

Then I told Mave that it must be him. I told him his surname is quite unique and I dont have friends that have the surname except for Benny Tham (my IRC fren, which I lost contact as well). And I told Mave everything about Justin.

I even cried today while working when talked about Justin. I cried when I plead for Justin to come into my dreams for once, but he gave me 2 memorable dreams I could never ask for.

Mave and friends doesnt know that if Justin had really leave this world. They say they heard news, but couldn't confirm until today they did not know whether is Justin still alive or not. He even mention that Justin did call Mave to go out for a drink, but Mave was busy and said next time. And now, there's no more next time as he have left all of us.

I am happy and surprised that all the while, Mave was actually part of your best buddy. You might have bring something close to you to me so I can feel relief as I always wondering, why is there not many of your friend turns up for your funeral and is CNY really that badluck to attend?

However, I wish you are still up in the heaven and look after your family and have the soul to stay next to me and protect me.

Until...one day, I can finally meet you again.