Monday, April 28, 2014

Someone Who is Precious

To the person,

I started to know you when I joined this company in year 2010. (I would not want to mention the company's name due to my blog would be read by everyone in this world. But I would blog out how I feel for your company).

I get to know this person, an indian guy. Oh..wait, is an indian uncle. His face was very humble, charming, though he looks quite old but he wants to work to support his family. He was part of the best driver to my Ex-Boss. He can really wait my boss patiently from morning till morning. Meaning, let's take an example, from 10am till the next day 4am. And he will drive his motorbike back to home at Shah Alam.

Imagine. A very elderly guy to work just to get an extra income for his family. I should be proud of him. NO! We all should be proud of him.

I even told him is time for him to try to resign and relax at home. But he told me "Why I need to relax at home without any income where else I'm happy to be here and had income? If I were to be at home, I had nothing to do and is boring" Oh well, make sense.

I even told him to be very careful at road especially night time when fetching my boss back to his house after and he goes back home. Sometimes, I do worried about his driving. But he said he still manage to take care himself.

He's really nice. Though I did not always spend time with him (due to I'm very much workaholic to my job), but I will have some time make time to chit chat and make some jokes and fun with him when I gets to the pantry. He even bought some food to the close staff as well. And due to I always work, I don't quite like spending time at the pantry, talking and gossiping and eating karipuff that the indian uncle bought. He sometimes also invited me to join the tea-time session, but I always say "later" and I did not went but continue to do work.

I remember, once I bought Brand's Essence of Chicken to office. When I saw him coming late to the office, I gave the Brands to him. He rejected saying I need it more than him. I say "No. You need it as you always driving up and down so late and is tiring". Eventually, he insisted me to drink it all up. So I drank all up. He put a smile on his face.

And I had a celebration on my birthday at the company for my 1st year. After the celebration was over, Uncle called me to come down with him and waited for him. So I waited. Then he went to the car and gave me a present. I was so touched. I said why he wanted to waste money and buy me a present? He smiled and say I buy la.. give to you one. I was speechless and accepted his present. I never know he would spend on me on something. I'm grateful to him as it is from his heart. I don't think every driver would do that. I hugged him.

I told him he is my lover, my dad. He laughed.

And ever since, I always gets to talks to him and said that I would jealous if he gets really near to any girls. We chuckle..laughed. aiya~

So I left one day. Can see the sadness in his eyes. And I told him we can still keep in touch.

And yes, we did keep in touch.

Every year, without fail he would wish me Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fatt Chai to me and family. I even did the same thing to him by wishing him Deepavali, Happy New Year and his Birthday. Got once, he come and cari us makan. He was sweating as he was riding his bike under the hot sun. But sincerely, he got the heart to visit us too.

I remember he was once admitted to the hospital and I came and look for him. I mean, I visited him with Ken and bought him foods. He scolded say why waste money. I told him is not that expensive and he need food to get healthy.

Then, he went for his both eyes operation for cataract. After a while, me and Penny visited him at home. He said he is alright and thanks for coming. I can see he wanted to get a very good eye sight so he can see everything clearly.

And now, Penny told me he would go for his heart operation. I asked what's wrong about his heart and she explained everything. So I told Penny I will call him one day before his operation. But as usual. I was working. And I selfish-ness forget all about it.

Until the day before his operation, he texted me a message saying "Esok Operation".

I stoned when received the message. I drop down my work, rushed outside and called him. Chatted with him, asking him don't panic. Everything would be fine. He said he knows la. He even told me that he went thru all the test and he is eligible for the operation. Even his blood test looks good. I told him I would pray that night for everything smooth and he then told me he no longer working at the company. I was shocked. I asked why? He said boss have tried 3 times to ask him stays at home. And this time is the 3rd time. So he told me he have to listern and cannot fight back. He even mention as least boss did give him some money. That was great news. And I asked him, so after operation, what would he do or just rest at home? He said he would rest at home for a period after the operation and will try to be a taxi driver. I scolded him. I said, you can't drive Fast & Furious u know? Taxi is proton and is not Jaguar! And KL road is not safe. They tend to rob you, or hurt u. Very dangerous...and I still keep on nagging him. On the other side of the phone, he kept saying don't worry.

Before I hang up the phone, I told him that I would like to call him again before his operation starts at 11am. He said "Don't need la". I kept telling him that I worried and he might be good if he listern to my voice before he admitted. We chuckled.

So I prayed that night. Hoping and wishing he would be fine.

The next morning, I texted him before he enters to the operation room. He managed to reply me and I felt relief. Means that he read my msg. :)

After few days his operation, Penny told me that we could actually visit Uncle and he's finally awake and the operation goes really good. So we went to buy grapes and oats and visit him on wednesday.

When we reached. We saw him seating at the seat. Taking his head up and watching the TV above him. From afar, he looks good. The sooner we walk nearer to him, I saw his body with alot of stitches. It must be unbearable pains he might have gone through. But he said it was slight pain and he can eat, talk, laugh. The nurses also did monitoring his condition which I felt relief. Oh. He was in the ICU of cause. He told us how the progress been going, and he said he is fine.

So we left as there's limitation time of visiting the patient. I am happy that he was actually alive, and he can really talks and be himself back. Me and Penny also planned to try and visit him again after few days later.


On saturday night, Penny called me.

She was crying really bad over the phone. I kept asking why is she crying? What's wrong? But all I heard was a cry. And she said "Uncle Rama just passed away" and continue to cry.

I got a shock. I say, What? What did you said? Did you say Uncle Rama passed away just now?

Crying continue on the other side.

I said, it can't be. We visited him on Wednesday. He looks good after the operation. can't be. Why????

And she continue to cry and say everything.

I stoned.

I continue to ask questions. Until a part where suddenly I cried out loud. I just couldn't bear the pain that he suffered. I can freshly imagine that he was alive that time. He is who he is. He is Uncle Rama. He is the Uncle that cares for everyone. He is the one who bought the delicious breakfast of nasi lemak to certain staff and they all loves it. I don't know how it taste, but I can see he willing to help to buy nasi lemak for them who wants and of cause, they would pay him back and sometimes he doesnt even want to accept the money. He even bought kuih muih, back office for tea-time after fetching my boss from client's side and invited people to come and join the tea.

He is the 1st person we think of when we were at another building and couldn't even cross the road back to our office after lunch hour is over due to raining cats and dogs. And Penny decided to called Uncle Rama to come and pick us up. He came. We were thankful. Else all of us will be superb basah and get scold if we reach office late and might get warning letter from the HR department.

And I cried badly.

I definitely saw that he was okay. He can talk... How could a person just go a snap just like that? It doesn't make sense. It really doesn't make sense at all. If it was when he was under the operation and he just left, I might cry and understand the situation. But that was not.

The story was that the transformation from ICU to a Normal Wad, and his heart was getting weaker, and the doctor was trying their best to maintain back his pulse to normal and eventually failed. (Damn, seriously right now I hate the doctors. Why the hell they wanted to transfer him to a Normal Fucking Wad??)

Penny and Michelle then told me that the ceremony would be held on Sunday; 27 May 2014 from 2pm - 4pm at Shah Alam. I was feeling sad as I promised Furry Friends Farm that I would be their volunteer on their event of Splish Splash Water Base that helds on Sunday 27 May 2014 from 9am till 4pm. I knew I couldn't make it. And I told myself that I would go to pay my last respect to him on coming weekends.

I told Penny to go and please represent on behalf of me. She went and all she saw the 1st to arrived is Uncle Muru. Uncle Muru is the driver for the HOD for Architecture. Uncle Rama used to protect him and stand for Uncle Muru. I can feel how Uncle Muru must be feeling really sad and Penny told me he cries too.

Then, Mark, Tracey, Devan, Michael, and another staff from architecture department arrived. I got a shock why just this? Where the hell is all the rest of the staff? Where is Kim May, Ayden, Gavin? Kim May is the Personal Assistant of Mark. Ayden and Gavin usually talks with Uncle Rama the most. So where are there? Harris even posted at Facebook and tagged Ivan, Fendi, Jac, etc and telling them that Uncle Rama has passed away and the ceremony would be held on Sunday. All they said in the comment was "Rest In Peace", "Deep Condolence" and that's it. 

How would you feel if you were in his shoe and no one would come to see you?

Is a sudden Sunday from just 2PM- 4PM is very hard for everyone to pay the last respect? IS IT SO GOD DAMN HARD JUST TO TRAVEL FROM A PLACE TO SHAH ALAM?



I am very dissapointed of who you are. Yes, got friend did message me saying why am I being so harsh and if she weren't reading Mark's message at FB, she is part of the person I would also hate.

I told her, is not like that. I don't hate those people who do not know as quite many of them seriously do not know Uncle Rama went to hospital for his operation on his heart. And I also understand that Shuli was in BKK and Michelle was at Johor and Genki at Ipoh and Me, Kelly and Salmon was volunteering for Furry Friends Farm. But the company is big. Is everyone away and balik kampung too? Is it even not a person that stays at KL and PJ that moment?

Or is it you have marathon to run? Or is it your friend came to Malaysia after so many years he/she have been to overseas? Or is it you have a date with your love one? Or is : WHAT?

What other lamer reason you could give me that you don't feel like attending? Get sick after going for a funeral? Or you a scared baby? Or WHAT?

I don't get it. I seriously don't get it. Uncle Rama have treated you all like his own brothers and sisters, daughters and sons. This is what he gets on re-pay. All of you seriously are junks and trash. Full of craps and rubbish. I am very dissapointed of who you are, who knew his last day was on Sunday.

Yes. I posted at FB mentioning the company name. If Mark or Tracey or who ever from the company is reading MY BLOG here, you might be getting mad at me. But I am getting even mad at you as you are a failure that your STAFF DID NOT PAY A SIMPLE RESPECT FOR AN ELDERLY PERSON.

You should be shame of yourself. Seriously.

Uncle Rama plays part of the important role to the company. And all his gain was NOTHING. ZERO.

However, my friends that posted up comments telling me that human is somehow cruel that we cant even know. Yes. And now I know. I can't judge them or force them too. I wrote quite harsh over Facebook yesterday evening. And I'm happy some says "Do call me if you were to visit Uncle Rama and I wish to pay for my last respect". I do not force you to go. But I am happy that you would want to go with me.

Dear Uncle Rama,

You play the best role, even you are a driver. You fed everyone of us well. You even treat your family well. You complain when you are not happy, so do we to you. I am happy that I got to know you even we knew each other for like almost 4 years now. I am happy that you message me sometimes and do ring me sometimes which means alot to me that you somehow remembers me even I'm busy to give you a ring. I am really proud that I can be your part-time lover. Be your nagging mate. Be your close friend. But you left all of us suddenly and is very hard for us to accept it. You might be scolding me above saying "haiya, why u wan to scold other people one Facebook? Tak payah marah marah. Sendiri yang susah". But I felt it is really unpolite to you. 

So here, I would try to re-locate the closes friends with you and will go see and pay the respect to you. I am so going to cry on spot. 

Lord, help me to take care of Uncle Rama. He have try so many times admitted to hospital so his life would be better and I do not know God, somehow needed him more than all of us in this world. 

God, I hope and wish he is happy now. I would remember him always the way I remember Justin. I wish Justin is still there waiting for me and helping me to take care of Uncle Rama too. I bought Justin alot of stuff, so he can also share with you.

May you live happily above and look after your family too. I miss you and I love you Uncle Rama.

Will never be forgotten,

Look, he is part of our best friend in the company. So ask yourself, where are you and why you are not attending to his funeral?

I will definitely miss you alot...and well... here I cry again T______T