Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chinese New Year

Today am blogging on the CNY the 2nd day.

Well, the 1st day I went to Ken's house and go pai lin at his relatives there. But day 2, I just stay at home and accompany my mum. Instead, I watched DVDs to let my time passed.

Frankly speaking, this year of chinese new year was totally bored - compared to last year where I can go outstation. Well, it's just memories I guess.

Anyway..wanna share some of the movies I watched. The best movie I wanna talk about is - FLIPPED. Do not know who watched this movie but I assure you - IS A MUST to watch it.

Though the front cover might not intrest you and it's looked abit out-dated, but who cares? Sometimes, out-dated movies is the BEST OPTION.

Well, actually I cried some of the scenes. It was so touching and yet, this movie was different from the others. Regarding about two childhood as neighbours called themselves as Juli and Bryce where Juli was actually fond of Bryce and wishes her ever 1st kiss was from Bryce. Ouch..touching rite?

As I mentioned that this movie was different is because, the storyline actually pointed two conversations on Juli and Bryce. Well, seems like when Bryce talk on his daylight story - example, he and his friend was at the library talking about Juli. And on Juli's talk, the scene flipped that Juli was actually behind the shelves and listerning to Bryce and his friend talks.

Seeing the tree as the main cover...was because Juli loves climbing the tree and where she can actually saw everything blocks by blocks and even watched her sunset with different colors everyday. But alas in a day, someone called to chop of the tree and Juli didn't wanted to go down and even asked Bryce to climb over up the tree so those men won't be chopping down her beloved tree. Seems that Bryce ignored her and went up the bus and head to school. Eventually, that very day Juli changed and rode her bike to school and never talk with Bryce...until Bryce feels so miserable. But yet, Juli treated Bryce good and gave him free eggs where else some neighbours goes for Juli's dozen eggs and gave her 60cent for the fresh ones.

Well, to continue...I really need to watch this. But however, the last part is..well, Bryce actually falls for Juli too and he do his BEST PART to make Juli's happy in her life.

And these are the few movies I watched:-

Stomp The Yard 2 - Homecoming

I wasn't sure whether I watched this and I never heard from cinema that there's actually shown this. So, I asked the DVD guy and said "so, is this the new version out from the 1st one?" And he replied "Yes, is the latest one". So..I just bought it as I love watching danced movie. Well, not that bad..but overall..Not that BEST also. I just love to watch the "competition" part as where is the BEAT HEART moment ever.


Hah! Marmaduke. Longing to watch this at cinema, but too was dropped down from cinema after 2weeks. So, I just manage to bought the pirated to home-watch it alone myself. I like Owen Wilson and I think the dog was pretty lame. It was Great Dane breed and, now only I know that - when you type "Marmaduke" at you google site, it will comes out alot of the comic story. Where, this is actually a part of the newspaper comic. Now only I knew.

Is a venture for Marmaduke and you will have fun to watch him surf for the ever 1st time in his life ever. And yet, if anyone who cares to watch The O.C, this movie was actually filmed at the California ^^ Yea. And one more thing before I forgot...Marmaduke have a bad habit..where He loves to Fart ... hahaha..

12 Men of Christmas

Did I ever mention previously that I love watching Christmas movie even if Christmas day was over? And yes, I just love watching Christmas movie ^^ bet-ly alone.

At 1st, when I bought this movie - I thought that the girl love the 12 mens before christmas is coming. But nope. She actually wanted to have 12 men pictured half naked for the calendar to raise fund rather than doing the social works at the park. She tried so hard that she actually got 11 mens out of the 13 ones. And luckily, one of the guy who acted arrogant to her for the very 1st time managed to save her bells.

And yet, this is another love christmas story.

After watching all those movies, I felt sweet and love... but come my life don't feel up with love or surprises or - anything?

Duh...wish I could just find my dream man, so I need not to be worried all the time.

ps: sometimes I read other's girl's talk blog and found out that they are happy with their boyfriend and how they have sweet moments and capture and camwhore with their boyfriends together...or even posted at FB how sweet and caring for each other, giving each other warmest hug via FB and posting status and pictures.

Maybe I just need to wait....