Sunday, February 27, 2011

Production Learning

Is good to have strong knowledge on the production site. Like in :-

- How's the gloss/matt lamination machine looks like? How to laminate it to the card?
- How is the dicut plate look like?
- Creasing line machine is like? how about staple bing and punch hole thingy?
- The machine to run-down the numbers in does it work?
- After UV the spotted area, what is the next step to make it dry? How to make the plate?
- How it goes on the hot stamping thing?

And YES! I learn alot today.

Ken bring me to alot of places this afternoon. Serdang, Balakong, ETC. I guess this is my fieldtrip day. Though the weather is hot and humid, but yet, I still wanted to go and didn't complain anything because I know - this is the CHANCE I need to see it with my own eyes.

I know that bosses from the main factory would not allowed the outsider to see their so-called SECRET place and yet, I am proud of Ken for having the initiative to take me here and there. Even some of the factory, we just go inside and Ken talked their language - to be more friendly with them. And by then, I can see how all the machines goes.

Not only that, I can manage to get some samples with Ken's help. I got to know that Artcard one sided coated gsm is totally different with normal Artcard. And yet, I can have a small piece of sample about MDF Board, Plywoods, Chipboard, etc

As Ken mentioned, this is the BONUS he can give me. And yes, I can say Thank You Ken.

Is because, production site really do help me alot. Currently now, the place I'm working at, I have to deal alot of things. Sometimes, I forgot and have mistakes myself. And that's why..I hope is still not too late for me to learn new things. All I have to do is, joit everything down, staple it and remember it.

This is not the end of the learning part too. There's alot. Acrylic, Glass, Metal, Aluminium, etc..All this I have to learn as well. Because, I am one leg kick. From A-Z I need to know everything as am doing with signage, interiors, outdoor and indoor advertising.

Will also asking for another supplier to have their permission so that I could bring the other designer for a fieldtrip to their factory. And, glad that this supplier kept asking us to go there so that we will have a rough idea what are they doing. What are the do's and don'ts in future.

Though am tired...but yet am HAPPY!!! ^^