Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ken's Big Day

It's Ken Birthday on 3rd March and since I was having a Half Day Annual Leave, I decided to hunt for his gift. I Know what to buy..and that's why I do it on the very last minute.

After my 1st day of gum's appointment, I straight head to 1utama and look out for the shop. Was hungry that moment...but still, YES, I wanted to buy it...

Got home at 7.00pm, ready to snap shop domokun and the pressie and sent an MMS to him to greet him saying :

Domo wanted take photo and wish you 'Happy Bigday' !!

Ain't that cute? And yes, this is the domo that Ken bought me as a gift in normal days.


Wish him stay healthy always...and don't pik chik at work... ^^


Anonymous said...

luv u much baby:-)


Xter said...

Lap you too..wish you are happy yea :)