Sunday, March 13, 2011

Malay Wedding

1st time attending a Malay culture wedding - 13 March 2011. Am happy that my current colleague invited us all to her wedding lunch. and this is my 1st time experience it too.

Is good to attend their wedding, as we are malaysian, we need to see each of our neighbour celebrate thier own culture :) (duh..havent been to indian wedding..wonderin when will I can attend my bestfren wedding lea??)

Their wedding was - building up few canopies, and there's tables and chairs where they placed it nicely. Saw my colleague as the bride. Damn, she was pretty. Her husband was charming too. Infact, I could say - he's HANDSOME-la!!

And the food. 5meals served. Either you have white rice or yellow rice, can have BOTH of it. Served with chicken, beef rendang curry, 2x veggies, and watermelon as the dessert. (Mum told me that this is what they usually served. They won't make it huge, but simple and delicious). I might agree with my mum. The beef rendang was damn GOOD-LA WEI!! I love it..Because.. I just eat Yellow rice with beef rendang.. ^^

Just that I saw was Gavin, Devan, Kelly, Jac, Fendy and Genki. I wonder..where is the rest of the DPLUSM member? Did they come here early and left? Or they might come in later? was about 3pm when we left the place. We arrived late too..Hmph...

And..this is what I get as a gift of attending Sha's wedding.

mini timbikar ^^

Congratulation Baby Shasha and her beloved husband. May they live happily together no matter how hard is it. Tumpang gembira ye ... ^^