Sunday, March 6, 2011

Diana F+ - 01

Finally, I got the chance to use my Diana F+ - Glow in the dark version where I bought it from Hong Kong when I followed my Company trip from DPLUSM Creative.

Every photos was not that nice and I got 9 pictures out of 12pictures. Roll of the film was negative 120film with 100ISO only.

Will eventually shoot my lomo model and shout it out here. Currently was tired..and havent shoot the camera yet ><"

Sekinchan (using splitzer)


Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Fishing Village

Fishing Village (using splitzer)

Fishing Village (using splitzer)

Really wish to practice more on this lomo!!!


Janice said...

nice photos!
made me feel like getting one also, but i prefer fish eye XDDD

Anonymous said...

nice pix, i feel i luv lomo graphic alr.


Xter said...

Hie Janice...Thanks alot for the comment yea!! Yah, fish eye not bad too, but I dont owe one. Cause I see, mostly they also go for fish eye. But ya, if you buy one, remember to blog it out yea, I wanna see it too ^^

And Ken, Faster buy one lomo and let's shoot together ^^