Monday, March 14, 2011


When to have our breakie one sunday morning. Woke up quite early, hopefully to reach there FIRST, cause I wish to shoot photos of their dinings with - without anyone seating. But too late, we reached at 8.30am, and it's like almost full house already.

Anyway, I went there with Devi, Wykie, Ryan, Pao and Ken. The place was not bad. All about breads, spags, beverage. If anyone of you havent been there, Try to make yourself a habit to wake up early just to go to Levain and enjoy your breakie with your close ones. You will sure lovin' it.

If possible, try reaching there at 8AM sharp. Believe me, you sure lovin' it lots.

the overall look

the signage - Levain

seaters - outside

all sorts of breads and pastries indeed

at the end side - is the cruncy nuts - a must to try!
But, let me sound you 1st - it's sweet yea.

and the deco's too

since, outside you can see the word "stone oven"'s represent here:-

where they baked the buns, breads, pastries..

Menu of the price - for beverage. Do try the hot chocolate. Is nice yea.

The food menu. Frankly, the price was quite reasonable. Was not too cheap nor expensive.

And below: is the overall of the shop.
(damn..i hate it when there's people walking here and there...)

(from the top view)

Oh yea, you can have one private function to held too, as there's a private function room available. And yes, You need to book it earlier.

there's art painting too..this is one of it that I manage to take.

Lastly, before leaving the place...Wykie told me that my fav cartoon was there -
mui tan c guai!!! lovin' it!!

If you would like to be a fan and get happening things from Levain, you can click "like" in facebook or go to their website too :)

Opening Hour:
Monday - Sunday: 8.00am - 8.00pm

No.7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(T) +603 2142 6611