Saturday, February 12, 2011

'Ohana Bistro

It was Thursday (10/feb) night and I clock off work about 7.30pm. Planned to go to 'Ohana Bistro with Ken to let him have a look at the environment over there and YES, dplusm creative actually made this HAPPENED!

Actually the first time I went there, I was having a good feeling that I should hang more time over there. I do LOVE the place alot. The environment, the food was not bad and the price is quite reasonable too.

'Ohana (in hawaiian) meant as Family

To start viewing the interior part, here goes:-

I do love the lighting

and here's the part where I shoot it from the bottom to get the overall texture :)

and the lights went colorful ^^

Here's the counter area

both side entrance will have this relaxing area - where you can gossip or pillow talk with you girlfriend or a bunch of your close friends too

and there's sofa too if you do not wish to seat on the rattan chair

and over here, you can see the tv and it's all about gaming

See, I told you so. It's much more fun than playing Wii. But I do not know what is this game called as. You can play bowling, surfing, ping-pong and etc.

And here goes - our hot beverage
Costing: Hazelnut Chocolate: RM6.00 and 'Ohana Cappucino: RM5.50

My dinner cost as : Lamb Rack RM15.20

And Ken's dinner is : 'Ohana Club Sandwich RM8.30

You may think - how come every picture I took there aren't anyone seating? Is because..
i) Is late and every shop around there close at 10.00pm
ii) Is because everyone likes to seat outside.

To get proof - TADA!!

See.. Told Ya .. lolx

And here's the signage ^^

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Opening Hour:
Monday - Sunday at 10.00am till 10.00pm

LG 2-9 & 2-10, The Boardwalk,
No 2 Jalan Taylor's,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor