Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fat Spoon Café

This was introduce by devi and was said that the Hot chocolate there was nice. And yes, I went there with her to have a try. Nice environment and damn..lovin it too...called "fat spoon"

If you love your kindergarten life, you should be LOVING this! Cause this is superb oldschool modern retro style of life!!

the 1st viewing from the outside

and to enter the door, it was a giant spoon and indicate "push"

Guess what their menu look like? I bet you wouldn't believe me.

This is it! The Menu

Brilliant concept right? I wouldn't believe myself that they actually took this storybook by ladybird and transform it to the menu. Damn, this book was really long long time ago. Never know I can still see it at Fat Spoon!

There..the introduction come with the branding too

Here's the menu while you flipped

and another one..

and here comes the "Grandma's Receipes"

I didnt try this as I ate my breakie earlier at "Departure Lounge" But I order something somehow

While waiting for it to be served, I managed to snap some photos.
(sorry, photos might not turns out good as my camera batt was running very very low)

photos sticking at the wall randomly using polaroid

The menu board was using those primary school coloured chalk and board.

Ain't you will flash back of your old school days??

And there's a part where every cooking material was being hanged - as decoration

Here's the beverage area where you can get your desserts and drinks at. But do not worried, you will be served too.

Part of the place I manage to capture..because...

there's fullhouse inside!! it was fully packed.

so now, you know why I didn't manage to capture all...cause most of the thing was blocked by head and heads...hahahaha

my big fat hot chocolate cost RM8.00++
(was treated by Devi)

the signage of the cafe

and here's another view of the overall - outside

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Opening Hour:
Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 9.30pm


Uptown Damansara
73, Jalan SS21/1A
Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia