Thursday, November 14, 2013

I hate that I care about you, and I hate it alot.

"I hate that I care about you"

That was the 1st phrase that popped-out from my head that my heart was totally boiling at the moment.

It was the phrase that someone texted me before. And it was :-

"I hate that I like you"

It was the moment I was confused. And I texted back saying " what do you mean by that ?"

And he replied (something like below, well...I've deleted the message anyway)

"I hate myself that I like you, which you always being nasty to me but yet I like you alot"

By then, only I know what is the phrase for.

And this time... I used this to someone.

Somemore I actually cracked my head to think just for the surprising and memorable day; once a life time.

But eventually, all I get was a complain and not a compliment, though in the end it was a thank you and fullstop.

And here, I promised my self.

That I will never - ever do such things anymore.