Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Heirs

One of my on-going korean drama this month. I shouldn't have start watching it. Is not that - NOT NICE, but; is REALLY NICE!

Been catching up the whole 10 eps for the past 2-3days. (Total 20EP need to finish this drama) and now I have to wait for 2EPs every week which I am gonna go BIT JOH SOH because the drama ends on December 12!


Feeling really regret that I start watching it. Hate the feeling of waiting for the episodes to be in streaming.

Anyhow, whoever loves watching korean drama should watch this and vote for "The Best Korean Drama of 2013" as I'm so gonna vote this and The Master's Sun too.

I still don't understand why am I so addicted to korean drama....

Maybe sometimes the guys treat the girl just like the scene below :)


He's pretty cute huh? Most of his wording is really sweet and touching.

I was supposed to catch up with Jin Hyuk (That's after I saw him at Gu's Family Book) but end up I falls for Lee Min-Ho (the above guy) now.

Min-Ho is young...really young with age 26. The reason I start liking Jin Hyuk is because he's 28, he's charming and have his own character and he even dropped out from UNI (most of the bio on korean actors or singers, they will have a clean data but Jin Hyuk is different) and is really difficult for me to fall for an older guy of Korean. 90% all of them just age within 23 - 26.

I catched up this scene just this morning at 3.45am; 10 Nov 2013 and contd to watch the next EP until 4.45am. The guy finally kissed the girl!

Really really nice drama....and the OST was nice to hear to; Love is the Moment