Friday, November 29, 2013

Korean Hangul .vs. Musical Notes

I remember the very 1st time I started learning piano; both theory and practical. I was a blank girl without knowledge of the scripts and notes. Bet everyone agrees too.

But in order to play the notes out, I have no choice but to learn and remember each of the keys, scripts, notes and everything. It was a waste to me that I didn't contd it ever since I started to went college. As far as I remember, I was passed about Gred 5 & 7 (either is practical and theory).

If I were to play back, I need time to practice it. I missed playing piano actually as I can play the song I like to listern. Too bad, my talent wasn't right for me yet.


Few years back I started to like korean alot. And till now, it's been like 10years and I still like korean alot. So I take one step ahead and started to watch alot of korean drama and catching slighly of their pronunciation and the meaning behind it. I joit down in my iphone notes and started to memorised whatever I can so I don't easily forget.

Just few days back before I went to bed, I decided to download korean apps and started to learn the hangul of it. It's cute to see korean wording as one word have at least 2-5 lettering inside to pronounce the sound out of it. And yes, is not easy as learning english. But I'm willing to give myself a try to get use to it.

I just took the iphone korean exam and I got 4 out of 10. Darn.

But still, I'm not giving it up yet.

I have started to try typing korean wording too "sa rang hae" - > 사 랑 해




Anonymous said...

mayee good luck:)